Supplier 24/7 connects electronic dealers and accessories dealers

KARACHI: Supplier 24/7 is one of the first Pakistan-based B2B marketplace startup that connects electronic dealers, mobile accessories retailers directly to suppliers & wholesalers in an attempt to fix the fragmented supply chain and also provide app-based platform for retailers, says a Press release.
Founded in March 2022, Supplier 24/7 has an aim of catering small and medium-sized enterprise retailers to grow their business, provide fintech solutions, procure inventory, manage their invoices, and access financial services to simplify and help them grow.
In September 2021, Noman Ahmed Solangi Chief Executive Officer, Shiraz Ahmed Siddiqui Chief Operating Officer, and Mohammad Bin Taufiq Chief Financial Officer embarked on a journey to simplify B2B ecommerce in Pakistan. Since then, Supplier 24/7 has grown from 1 warehouse in North Nazimabad to 3 in total, rapidly expanding its footprint all over Karachi.
Supplier 24/7 also signed MoUs with Pakistan’s leading brands and institutions like, Nayapay, Audionic, Sigma, Faster, Space, ItelGenba, Login, Cherry, Maxon, TCS, PIKKR, TRAX & other leading companies for provision of supply goods, pickup and delivery services to Supplier 24/7.
The startup has a lot more exciting features and partnerships in the pipeline that it plans to reveal over the next few months.

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