Tag: social media


Disseminating immorality and immodesty on social media

It is the basic essentiality of a civilized, cultured, peaceful and an educated society that its each and every member should stay away from...

Social media apps restored after four-hour restriction

ISLAMABAD: Services of social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Telegram were restored in the country after being suspended for four hours on...

Social media and our future generation

With the advancement of science and technology, every aspect of human life has seen a drastic change. It not only has made our lives...

Analyzing the truth

Political inclinations and associations are not always as they may seem. The actions of the government or that of the opposition, in Pakistan or...

Emerging power of social media: Prospects and problems

With the emergence of fast internet connectivity, social media has got a renewed vigour and has revolutionised the concept of media. As of now,...
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