Taliban take over the power surprisingly in Afghanistan

Taiwan risks colossal damage
Shama Munshi : The writer is the Author of the concept of terrorism in post cold war era.

The quickest and surprising collapse of Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani government has become the top trending topic of the discussion across the entire world’s media.
The return of Taliban after the passage of 20 years after being ousted by US led military operation is a clear indication of the failure of American imperialism in the garb of national building. The humiliating defeat of USA after the bloody occupation of Afghanistan for two decades depicts the reality that local Afghan population had never welcomed foreign intrusion and intervention and they fought and resisted desperately under Taliban leadership to get rid of the oppressive foreign forces on their land. The US had always painted a rosy picture of everything as if under control and fine on international media. In fact the withdrawal of US forces after two decades of war, at a cost of more than $2tn, the US ruling class has miserably failed to achieve any of its objectives and they were simply hoodwinking the world since beginning to cover up their panic and embarrassment. Taliban are local Afghan people who are master of fighting a guerilla war in mountains and are considered to be the bravest and fearless people of the world who could have never compromised their sovereignty by alien forces. US & NATO forces entangled themselves as a matter of fact into a quagmire, from which it would have been difficult to extricate themselves.
Washington’s Afghan war was unwinnable for imperialism and it has shattered the devised concept of USA “New World Order” of so-called unipolar world.
The coalition forces in Afghanistan killed tens of thousands of innocent people and left behind them a trail of death and destruction and a legacy of hatred, bitterness and mistrust that will never last. The notorious, controversial and so called “war of terror” resulted in nothing but enhanced the list of USA crime wars and its reckless attitude has “let other people clean up the mess they had made in a distinctly bloody fashion.” Washington lost 58,000 of U.S. soldiers’ lives for nothing similarly in Afghanistan, they have wasted more than 2,300 troops, for next to nothing. But question arises who will hold Washington accountable for its brutal and inhumane policies towards the world population, who has granted America the “license to kill innocent people” in wake of identifying new enemies as Pentagon planners have now shifted their attention back to Russia and China. USA claim itself to be the “champion” and “guarantor” of the human rights but the world history has witnessed American as a self-centered, selfish and mean state involved in the violation of basic human rights across the world. The heaviest price of imperialistic designs of USA has to be paid by the ordinary people, the workers and peasants, the poor, the old, the sick, the women and children but still there seems to be no end to the imperialistic designs and adventurism of USA and its western allies. They have created a wilderness yet they call it Peace’.” In the so called havoc of war against terrorism USA has completely wrecked Afghanistan and in the process they have misused Islamabad via threats and luring through dollars and hence destabilized Pakistan.
Ironically the imperialistic USA waged war against the same “Mujahedeens” or “Holy Warriors” which once supported, backed & prospered with aid from the US and Saudi Arabia, labelled them as “terrorists” soon after the fall of USSR.
Pentagon reshuffling of military priorities with an aim to rejuvenate Frankenstein’s monster that US has “always” had an enemy as Washington has chosen to alter the subject now due to its changed vested interests, a useful bogeyman to justify any US military intervention in the region by diverting & shifting its attention towards Russia and China.
The day United States military has left Afghanistan’s Bagram airbase, the presence of Indian Intelligence agency RAW agents in large number was also revealed which confirmed the narrative that US actually has actually become strategic partner of India as its nefarious design to curtail China’s growing supremacy and to promote terrorism in Pakistan.
The world has been stunned by the Taliban’s full takeover of Afghanistan even before the complete evacuation of US and allied forces. The pace of Afghan government collapse despite of US investment of $ 83 billion on training and arming Afghan forces acknowledged the fact that Ghani puppet and corrupt regime had never garnered Afghan masses support. The revival of Taliban in Afghanistan gauged the fact that puppet regime cannot sustain itself indefinitely when it is utterly despised by the masses. Ghani fled the country without taking rest of the political leadership into confidence who were negotiating a peaceful transition of power with Taliban.
The Taliban regime was toppled 2 decades ago by US and allied forces but Taliban took over Kabul &regained power early on 15th August 2021 Sunday as the Afghan government collapsed, after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.
Taliban were reciting Quran verses that in part translate to: “When the victory of Allah has come and the conquest. And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in crowds. Then exalt [Him] with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of Him. Indeed, He is ever Accepting of repentance.”
A Taliban spokesperson declared the end of the war and assured everyone to provide safety for citizens and diplomatic missions.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has blamed the Afghan military for being unable to defend the country.
“As a strategic matter, there is nothing that our strategic competitors would like more than to see us bogged down and mired in Afghanistan for another five, 10, 20 years,” Mr Blinken said.
As a confidence building measures Taliban very graciously announced that no harm will be caused to political opponents and foreign diplomats in the country.
People of Afghanistan over all too excited over the end of the foreign intervention. Taliban are also expected to play their role very sensibly avoiding further bloodshed and civil war in the country.
Seeing the impending defeat of the US in Afghanistan following US withdrawal, the Iranian regime, in coordination with Russia and China, has established ties with the Taliban.
All the neighboring countries are closely monitoring the rapid evolving political developments in the Afghanistan and hopefully the Taliban regime will get recognition to craft a way forward for sustainable peace and stability in Afghanistan for bringing an end to the four-decade long conflict as a shared responsibility of the international community.
Somewhere in 2001, I can vividly recalled, one of the Taliban leader saying,p
“You have the watches, we have the time”.

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