Task to rebuild Karachi’s infrastructure be given to NDMA, FWO: Siraj Teli

KARACHI: Chairman Businessmen Group (BMG) & Former President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Siraj Kassam Teli has reiterated that the Karachi Chamber stands by its legitimate demand to give the task of rebuilding Karachi’s infrastructure to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Frontier Works Organization (FWO), who have the capability/capacity to resolve this serious issue in the next four to five years, says a Press release.
In a statement issued, Chairman BMG stated that the relevant departments in the provincial set up do not have the capacity and capability to undertake the gigantic task of rebuilding Karachi’s infrastructure but fortunately, the NDMA and FWO have the required capacity/ capability including machinery, workforce and expertise to instantly start work on Karachi’s infrastructure development hence, the task of rebuilding infrastructure including sewerage lines, water and electricity distribution network, reconstruction of roads and other civic facilities etc. must immediately be given to NDMA and FWO which would certainly yield positive results and provide the desperately needed relief to Karachiites.
He stressed that the infrastructure has to be improved on top priority and war footing basis which would not only minimize the grievances being faced by Karachiites but would also promote business & industrial activities which would go in favor of the economy as improved businesses means better revenue collection.
“Federal and Provincial Governments must immediately give go ahead to NDMA and FWO who should be responsible for rebuilding Karachi’s shabby infrastructure which is going to take at least four to five years”, he said and urged the Federal and Provincial governments to release sufficient funds for this giant task so that the development work begins at the earliest and continues without any interruption.
General Secretary BMG AQ Khalil stated that keeping in view the dilapidated state of infrastructure, it has become inevitable to engage NDMA and FWO under army’s supervision to carry out the task of infrastructure development as, during the last 20 to 25 years, this city had largely been ignored that has brought Karachi’s infrastructure at the verge of complete collapse. He said that Chairman BMG’s persuasive demand is not only being supported by majority of the business & industrial community but also by overwhelming inhabitant of this city who are living in miserable condition.
President KCCI Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan also stressed that the task to rebuild infrastructure has to be immediately given to NDMA and FWO so that the entire infrastructure of the city could be improved. “Karachi city’s population has been rapidly growing and the city is also under intense pressure because of substantial influx of people from all over the country, this city needs special and preferential treatment from both the federal and provincial governments.”

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