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The 40th anniversary of Shaheed Haji Barat Khan Achakzai

Readers, very few people in every age come into this world who live this limited life in such a way that its influence lasts for a long time to come. One such person’s name is Shaheed Haji Barat Khan Achakzai. Barat Khan Achakzai was a tribal, political, and pragmatic personality. Haji Barat Khan Achakzai belonged to Chaman, a historical border town of present Balochistan and former British Balochistan, situated at the foot of Kozhak Pass. Haji Barat Khan Achakzai was born in 1936 in Chaman. Your genealogy traces back to the Ashizai sub-branch of the Achakzai clan. Haji Barat Khan Achakzai was a bright and lifelong star of the region who will forever be remembered in golden letters in the pages of history. His political career started at a very young age and during this period he was active in the tribal system to the best of his abilities. . In 1967, Barat Khan Achakzai joined the National Awami Party (NAP), a joint party comprising Baloch Pashtun nationalist parties and other political organizations at that time. This party was one of the prominent opposition parties during the General Ayub Khan era, whose leadership enjoyed substantial popular support in both East Pakistan and West Pakistan during the period of [One Unit]. In Balochistan, Shaheed Barat Khan Achakzai was one of the leading leaders of NAP (National Awami Party) and was at the forefront of the organization’s activities. 1972 On the occasion of Fakhr Afghan Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s visit to Chaman, Shaheed Haji Barat Khan Achakzai organized a feast in his honor at his residence, where Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan along with his companions stayed the same night. Even during the Bhutto era, Khan Barat Khan Achakzai remained associated with Nap and continued activities. When the NAP leadership government came under the influence of time and there was a crackdown on NAP leaders across the country in the infamous Hyderabad Conspiracy Case and other cases, then Shaheed Haji Barat Khan himself became a target for his political activity. As a result of this, in 1976-77, when the politics of resistance against Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was on the rise across the country, then the martyr Haji Barat Khan Achakzai was kept in secret custody for more than a month, whereupon the martyr denied his illegal arrest. Barat Khan Achakzai was forced to go on a hunger strike while in prison, and then he was released on regular bail after a court trial. In the general elections of 1977, he also contested on the provincial assembly seat. In April 1978, a revolution takes place in Afghanistan in the form of the Afghan Sur Revolution, which completely changes the political situation of the region. The blood-soaked aspect of the revolution introduced a dangerous trend in the politics of the period, which had ramifications for the entire region. At the same time, being a part of the border region, Chaman was also under the influence of this revolution and the ideological status quo of the post-revolution. Debates in favor of and against the revolution were the main topic of the political circles here. Shaheed Haji Barat Khan called the removal of Afghan President Sardar Daud Khan and his family from power in a bloody manner as regrettable and called for 3-day mourning, funeral prayers and Fatiha Khwani in absentia for the death of Afghan President Sardar Muhammad Daud Khan and other Afghan citizens during the revolution. Organized at Shaheed Haji Barat Khan Achakzai Kor Chaman. The massacre of the Afghan ruler and his family was described as a very sad act. Thousands of scholars and Pashtun tribes strongly supported Barat Khan Achakzai against the Afghan revolution. Apart from this, for hundreds of people who were displaced from Afghanistan after the Sur Revolution and the withdrawal of Russian forces, Shaheed Haji Barat Khan arranged a refugee camp at Roghani in Chaman as a shelter for Afghan refugees. The victims lived for years. Martyr’s services in the resettlement of the migrant brothers are recognized even today in the Afghan people. A short time after the revolution, Khan Abdul Wali Khan came to Quetta to participate in party activities, when the NEP workers in the reception procession raised slogans in favor of the Afghan communist (pig) revolution, in response to which Shaheed Barat Khan Achakzai responded. The party leadership recorded their protest against this action. According to Barat Khan Achakzai, the killing of Sardar Daud Khan along with his family in this revolution was completely unjust and cruel. On this occasion, Shaheed Haji Barat Khan informed Khan Abdul Wali Khan about these slogans and the next day he said goodbye to the National Awami Party in protest for not formally condemning these slogans. Regionally, Shaheed Haji Barat Khan Achakzai did not miss any opportunity to serve the people of Chaman. A clear example of this is the construction of the only Government Degree College in the city, when the then provincial government released funds for the construction of the college building, but free land was provided by the local people in Chaman for its construction. Condition of supply. It was Sardar Ataullah in 1973 for the education of the youth and a bright future for the present Government College of Chaman.During Mengal’s regime, during a meeting with the then Provincial Minister Mir Gul Khan Naseer, he dedicated the land of himself and other members of the Ashizai tribe on College Road Chaman. The only center of higher education has been built and is enlightened by the light of knowledge. The existing Civil Hospital Chaman was also approved by the Government of Balochistan thanks to him. The then provincial health minister Mir Gul Naseer Khan approved the grant for the hospital and Shaheed Barat Khan organized a grand ceremony for the inauguration. Shaheed Haji Barat Khan was an increasingly popular and beloved personality. He quickly emerged on informed politics and forged his personality with his strong arm. He was neither born in a big family nor brought up under any political patronage but it was his self-confidence that made him a self-made personality. He made the selfless politics of the nation and the region his goal. He used to solve the problems of the people of the area in his unique way due to which he became the center of attention at the level of the nation and the country. The appreciation of Shaheed Khan Barat Khan’s services is not limited to a particular region but is appreciated on both sides of the border.
On June 19, 1983, on the afternoon of the seventh fast of Ramadan, Haji Barat Khan Achakzai was brutally attacked while returning home from his contract in the mountain range (Pasha) behind the Kozhak pass. And the area was deprived of a great spat. Apparently, this tragic act took Shaheed Barat Khan Achakzai away from us as a human being, but he is still alive today in the form of stories of his struggle and bravery and will undoubtedly live forever because it is also our faith that a martyr never dies. . Your life is still a great example and a source of guidance for the elders and youth of the area. Jamal Abdul Nasir Khan, the elder son of Shaheed, was also martyred four years after the martyrdom of his father, and God willing, he will be in heaven.
He will be among those honeys, because of which there will be a lamp, as a poet has written:
“Until the lamp burns with the blood of the martyrs” they say there are no lights in heaven.
The situation was difficult for the family and the path was difficult when the incident of your martyrdom happened. Ferndan Shaheed Haji Jamal Abdul Nasir and Naseer Ahmed Bacha Khan Achakzai bore the burden of responsibility. In 1987, Jamal Abdul Nasser was also martyred and all the responsibilities fell on the successor of Barat Khan Achakzai, Haji Nasir Ahmed Bacha Khan Achakzai, who along with his brothers continued the mission of his martyred father and took the lead in the political and tribal fields of the region. Stay Naseer Ahmad Bacha Khan was elected Member of Balochistan Assembly at a very young age in 1985 and has also held the position of former caretaker provincial minister. The services of martyr Haji Barat Khan will always be written in golden words. All your friends are requested by the family of the martyr to remember Barat Khan Achakzai in your prayers. Even though the physical existence of the martyr Barat Khan has passed away, he is still alive today in the form of his wonderful achievements in practical life. Shaheed is a figure of pride and greatness not only for his family but also for the entire region and will always be, God willing.

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