The accountability is to be held accountable

We are offering you a country where you can roam freely, do anything you like, do anything that is prohibited in law, because here you will see law as just a word. Who cares about it when you have power? Well here everything is for sale, who knows someone has actually bought you or your freedom from these so-called law enforcements. Guess what, you can either take your revenge from someone, all you need to do is file a fake FIR against that person and bribe the police, make sure it’s not an authentic FIR cause otherwise it will not be taken into consideration, sorry!
So here I am going to discuss the same story, I heard many stories about these things happening but we are all the same, as long as these problems doesn’t hit us, we ignore it as it is happening to someone we don’t know, and what can we do about it except for condemning it, something our government is so good at ‘condemning’.
You name it, we have seen many rape cases, fake FIRs for taking revenges from anyone, terrorist attacks, and what not? Have you seen our respectable politicians taking any action against any such harsh crimes? They are busy sleeping, taxing but not utilizing on anything but they are busy insybaritic activities, they have the right to use our money for their own interests, why are we still nourishing them?
Can they not punish the actual culprits as per the laws at least? But laws are nothing but just a writing written on the papers, well, they are useful if you are studying law because you will never need to implement them in this country but they will help you in clearing your examinations, so that’s how it actually works in Pakistan.
A person I know, a very close friend of mine for the last 6 years, got arrested on a fake FIR against him, claiming that he had taken 1 million rupees from a local businessman, and then called him and beat him in public (no proof attached except for an MLO, probably a fake one). I am not claiming anything but the main part begins here. He lodged the FIR against my friend Uzair Nagda, who is a CA final student and have his examinations in a week, and he has been jailed since May 18, 2021. The party (Shabbir Ahmad Sultan) who lodged the FIR has allegedly no proof for any mentioned claims. The only thing that was provided for the non-bailable section was the probably fake MLO from Jinnah Hospital.
Now the question is: Is it that easy for the police to arrest anyone from his home in broad daylight and defame him in his own area for such lame claims without any proper evidences? Even if the claim is true, is it ethical for Law Enforcement Agencies to make an arrest on the basis of a FIR where no any document or proof is available for the fake claims of a million rupees? Where they are claiming a so-called businessman, who lent a million rupee didn’t do any documentation or any kind of account proofs or any stamp paper agreement.
Well,if Shabbir Ahmed Sultan is calling himself a businessman, then he should leave this profession as soon as possible because I can never think of a person with this mindset doing business, well he may be a businessman who can invest a minimal amount in our police by bribing and making fake claims on any stranger person for a million rupee and then, our police will lodge a fake FIR and arrest the accused on no solid proofs, as my friend is jailed for a fake claim, the only hope is the court.
The proper way for such actions should be, no complaint should be taken into consideration until or unless there is no any proof is attached, both parties should be called in for detailed investigation, if claims found to be right then the FIR should be filed, but what is this manner that you just go to the complained person without any prove and arrest him and make him suffer in jail for no crime?
I want to see if they punish everyone who is involved in this, those policemen who lodge fake FIRs against respectable citizens who are the future of this country, for the sake of bribes and those involved in accusing such persons and waste the time of our courts, just because of such people the valid cases who are due in courts gets delayed.
The civil court has also rejected Uzair’s bail despite various genuine reasons including that his CA exams are starting from 1st week of June as mentioned in the bail application. The court may have not gone through his bail application and rejected it mentioning in the order that his final year exams are scheduled from July 7, 2021. I don’t know from where the July 7, 2021 date for exams was picked the court although the Learned Counsel of the applicant had clearly mentioned in the application that exams would be held in first week of June.
This law is actually so toxic that it is causing criminals to promote and roam freely, those with powers can do whatever they want in Pakistan, you can buy anything here if you have money, you can kill anyone and no one will ask you, rapists are roaming freely, molesters are everywhere, yet what you do is promote tourism in Pakistan? The priority for the govt is to fill its pockets not to provide a safe environment for its citizens. The priorities are messed up, and so is our law enforcements and this system. This is one main reason no educated person wants to stay in this country, Pakistan is not safe, it was never, and if this system sustains, it will never be!

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