The agent in action


It has been proved beyond doubt that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is an Indian agent Supported by other foreign powers especially Israel. He has been maligning Pakistani army for the last
Few weeks at the behest of india and other agents who are now living in London(UK) and supporting his dirty plan to weaken the image of Pakistani army in the eyes of pakistani people, but I do not think
He will successful in his negative plans against Pakistan which is the only muslim country in the world possessing nuclear weapons. Nawaz sharif went to London apparently for his ailment, but he was not ill, he deceived the government, the establishment and the judiciary. Basically he is fugitive, wanted in many fraud cases and has been sentenced seven year jail in Alazezia case. Unfortunately he was introduced in politics by late Gen Jillani and groomed by gen. Zia in whose period he and his entire family
Looted the national exchequer making huge illegal money. He was brought into power it three times as the prime minister of Pakistan through rigged elections supported by the corrupt members of the election commission and the police. It is also sad to note that he is maligning the same institution which brought him into prominence otherwise his entire family belonged to the poor section of society before the creation of Pakistan. His late father was an ordinary labourer earning five rupees daily. This was disclosed by late zail singh, former president of India to late gen Zia, in other words the family back ground of Nawaz sharif is not only rough but full of bad patch. It has been disclosed to this scribe by his
Close associate in the party that Nawaz came into contact with the butcher of gujrat Narendra modi when He won the general elections in india in 2014, since then both have been meeting in different international conferences assuring each other that both will try to demolish the image of Pakistani army. Final words to implement the anti Pakistan and anti army plan was agreed between the two when
Nawaz invited the butcher of gujrat at his residence Jati Umra three years ago. It was then the establishment decided to throw him out from power as he was openly engaged in anti pakistan activities
=And courting with india. He is also in touch with CIA seeking its help how to further his plan to dismember Pakistan. actually he has landed in hot waters , challenging an institution which is strong enough to face corrupt person like Nawaz and his family and teach him, a lesson so that his future generations will not dare to indulge in anti Pakistan activities.
Gujrat butcher narenda modi when he came to power in 2019 elections in india. His second term he assured him full support both financial and otherwise if he helps him to destroy the image of Pakistani army, the only powerful institution in Pakistan and bulwark against external and internal threat. Meanwhile in London he has been meeting anti Pakistan elements, some of them staying in his flat purchased through illegal means. Perhaps nawaz thinks that he will be successful in his dirty plan,I think he will never, on the other hand he will pay heavy price for what he has been doing at the behest of India Pakistan will stay as an independent state and not Nawaz and his greedy and corrupt family.