The architecture of relationship

Iran is an important neighbor brotherhood country for Pakistan by the values of cultural, sports, strategic, social and economic ways. The main attraction and ties is the bond relationship because of Islam. Iran was the first country to recognize the newly appeared country Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the South Asian map. Pakistan & Iran’s relationship is deeper than the marking their lands. The culture of Iran or the culture of Persia is one of the most influential cultures in the world. The epic of cultures of both the countries is likely to be the same. Many of the similarities are in the architecture, poetry, art and craft, sports and many others etc. Urdu and the Persian have intricate relationship throughout the history. Persian language played a pivotal role in the formation of Urdu. The common border stands at about 959 km with an impressive role by producing opportunities both commercial and culture relationship. The goodwill by the people of Pakistan the “Jashan Nawruz “& Mehrgan Festivals are being celebrated both in Iran and the northern areas of Pakistan will full of zeal and zest. Artists and Sportsmen are the ambassadors of their countries. The artists share the cultural values of the country through exchange programs, films and drama festival reflects the understanding of country’s culture internationally. The Pak-Iran Sports & Culture Forum was established last year, is a regional non-governmental body which serves to promote and develop the strong relationship of sports & culture between two brotherhood Muslim neighbor countries. The PISCF elected members from both sides are purely professional, dedicated and well known by their hard work by the excellence working in sports and culture field in their countries, and fulfilling the expectations by the strengthening the relationship between both countries through Sports & Cultural activities bilaterally to provide a platform to showcase the talent of thousands of young and dynamic talent in both sports and culture field in Pakistan & Iran. Pak-Iran Parvaz International Film Festival & Pak-Iran International Sports Festival the two major events which will be organize both in Pakistan & Iran in 2022-23 likely to be held in Tehran, Karachi & Lahore. PISCF strive to promote cultural and intellectual exchanges between two countries by arranging through appropriate delegations of youth from college and universities, cultural bodies, interaction with sports federation etc. PISCF will play an effective role in promoting mutual understanding and projection of the positive image of Pakistan in Iran & Iran in Pakistan.

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