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The communists are coming! Launch of the Revolutionary Communist International

KARACHI: A new revolutionary communist organisation, with hundreds of cells and thousands of members across more than 40 countries, will be founded in June, says a Press release issued, here Friday.
A number of polls report a collapse in support for capitalism, and a surge in support for socialism and communism, particularly amongst the young.
The Revolutionary Communist International (RCI), formerly the International Marxist Tendency, claims to have benefitted from this turn in public opinion, doubling its forces to 6,000 members in the space of four years, with thousands joining in recent months.
The group claims to have offices and employ hundreds of full-time staff on every corner of the planet, entirely funded by the small contributions of its members.
The RCI has been founding new political parties in Britain, Austria, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, the USA and elsewhere.
A televised debate between leading member of the British party of the RCI (the Revolutionary Communist Party), Fiona Lali and former British Home Secretary Suella Braverman, went massively viral on social media. Lali is now standing as an independent candidate in Stratford and Bow, London.
The RCI has faced scrutiny for its position on the Gaza War, and its slogan of “intifada until victory, revolution until victory.” Members have faced arrest and legal proceedings due to their stance in Switzerland, Austria and the UK.
A representative of the RCI explained the reason for launching this new communist organisation:
“The establishment has never been more hated. All the mainstream political parties, be they ‘left’ or ‘right’, support the status quo. For this reason, we aim to build a completely different organisation, which is capable of fighting to get rid of this rotten system entirely.
“We stand for revolution! We aim to build an international organisation that can lead the working class to take power for themselves, expropriate the bankers and the bosses of the largest companies, and manage the wealth of society for the good of humanity.”
The RCI’s Manifestohas been translated into over 20 languages and is available on its main website,

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