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The cultural trap

There is a suffocation to it all;
The more I know the more I fall;
Kick me down again or watch me stand tall;
You can’t have it both, you can’t break down that wall;
Yet I sit here in dismay, praying that one day it won’t be this way;
Ask me who I am, if you think that’ll make you understand;
But I promise it won’t, not in this world, not on this land;
Because who I am, will not be me, once you meet me;
We evolve we change in a certain time frame;
But who decides that, who gets that blame;
It’s the world around us who makes us what we are;
But if this world decides to trap us than we fall;
In the end it is their call, if they allow us to fly or not at all;
We just wait for the green light and hope one day it shines our way;
Otherwise we’ll sit here and just wait for the end of our days.
Marium Naseem Rahman