The curse of dynastic politics


When you pick up politics as your profession just sitting in drawing room without any qualification, training and grooming one is bound to get in to trouble. Politicians of this category in Pakistan irrespective of their party affiliations have never displayed maturity and neither can they because of lack of education. Politics is very humble noble profession because you enter in to politics to serve the cause of the people specially protect the rights of under privileged and poor and supposed to solve their problems with some better sense of responsibility. But now it has been turned in to money making source. Unfortunately since independence the politics became baby of landlords, jagirdars and ultimately it became a family affair and turned in to dynastic politics. The father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah while delivering presidential address in Delhi to All India Muslim League on 24 April 1943 said ” It will be people government in Pakistan and giving warning to Zamindars and capitalists said that now their system will not work because it is cruel and they have forgotten teachings of Islam, greed and self interest has destroyed them. As a result they have become rich. He emphasised that go anywhere in the villages you witness poverty, people don’t have two time meals. Is it our culture? We want Pakistan like this? If Pakistan is to be created on these lines where rich suck blood of poor then we don’t need such Pakistan” .Look at the vision of our Quaid it was 1943, now it is 2020 and we find what he said 77 years ago he was right. Imagine a group of mature seasoned experienced politicians standing behind Bilawal likewise experienced aged politicians standing behind Mariam. This can be termed as the biggest tragedy in political history of Pakistan. Quite strangely media also supports them and project this trend of dynastic politics on the basis of their commercial interest, that is alright to some extent but all must speak the truth instead taking sides to prove wrong is right, they must create a balance and ensure no compromise is made on national security. Supporting them on documented corruption is something that should be avoided. Let them face the music, why media should defend their corruption. They should defend themselves through courts; let that be left to their lawyers to fight out their cases who by nature of their profession shall defend the looter and the looted respectively.
We all should ponder as to why our politics is getting polluted day by day; perhaps all of us have become personal. Have forgotten human values. We spend 98% time in accusing and abusing each other while it is happening one is bound to indulge in loose talk and inadvertently make such statements that are irrelevant and ultimately lend them in trouble. This point should always be kept in mind that whatever is being said it is all being recorded and becomes part of the history, they all can be confronted what they said while making a speech in public meeting or at the floor of the house
Lately a trend has developed where a particular person passes remarks against someone and when questioned and hauled up his reply is that he made the statement in his personal capacity and is not a party line. How ridiculous is the answer? If you are in a political party, nothing can be personal. Be it government minister, MNA or functionary or member from opposition it will be taken as party line and one cannot get away by just saying it was his personal thinking. You better resign and then make such personal statement. How an individual can take up his own line being in party, no one can take a different line, it never happens. It only happens when any issue is being discussed with in party and that is the time where every member has the right to express his opinion and differ but not on public platform, if you do that then be ready to face the consequences as party shall never own it and it should otherwise be not owned or supported by the party. But in some cases some people come in their support, that is too bad and it should never be done. Everyone should always be conscious about the “Red Lines” that should never be crossed. By now everybody should be clear about the definition of red lines, if not better leave the politics.
Let us talk about fresh case of a veteran politician Ayaz Sadiq who has been speaker of National Assembly for unknown reasons unnecessarily picked up an issue long buried about Indian captured pilot Abhi Nandan that established the supremacy of our gallant air force. In fact there was no justification on his part even to talk about the incident being most sensitive in nature. It provided an opportunity to Indian hostile press to criticise institutions of Pakistan as they are always ready to exploit the situation being biggest enemy of Pakistan. He made a mistake and he should not have made such statement, politely he should have sought apology the matter would have ended, but he thought to settle personal score with foreign minister. There are people with character and they do show guts and openly dissent with the party, the current example is that of Lt Gen Abdul Qadir Baloch(Retired) President PML N Baluchistan who quit the party and said how can he be in the party when the party chief abuses the army. He could have also said that it was his party decision but upheld the military discipline, the difference not understood by many. Likewise Bilawal Bhutto has raised many questions Nawa Sharif narrative of talking against army and Gen Bajwa, it is good he realised it though late but should be welcomed.
But what followed after his statement has been more damaging here I am referring to the statement of Fawad Choudhry minister of science and technology (pity the nation having such people minister of IT). He made more damaging statement than Ayaz Sadiq that is now being exploited by Indian press and is likely to be used against Pakistan on all international forums. Question arises what business he or any other minister has to talk about issues that is exclusive domain of foreign office. My sincere advice to Prime Minister Imran Khan is that he should issue directive to all the ministers, special assistants and advisors not to make any statement except their own ministry that too after getting clearance from the Secretary of the Ministry as they hold complete details. Unfortunately all the ministers appear to be expert in defence, foreign affairs and finance except their own ministry. It is advisable they restrict their statements to their own ministry to avoid avoidable criticism. Likewise unwise uncalled for statement from Interior minister about ANP was in a bad taste. As this was not enough an open and war between government and opposition has started, if opposition did something wrong the government spokesperson and even prime minister has not shown any maturity and wisdom. What is the justification of displaying Modi’s portrait on poles? Why someone be bracketed “Modi ka yar”.No one could be Modi ka yar. PM calling opposition “JAIB KUTRAY” isn’t that a funny and uncalled for statement. Why army is being dragged in to politics? In a political game ISPR should avoid and be careful while making any statement involving politicians. The way things are taking shape does not auger well for the country. The way red lines are being crossed further complicating the strained relations between government and opposition. Bringing stop to ongoing confrontation is in the interest of our politicians of both sides. They all need to understand the surrounding environments and changes taking place in our region; our little mistake is likely to end up in further destabilisation, which the enemy wants we must immediately stop it.
Attack on armed forces under the cover of self presumed, self generated stories and freedom of press by certain politicians and section of media shall not work it has been rejected by the people of Pakistan and they shall never be party to any party that follows or advocates destructive politics. People of Pakistan know the sacrifices made by armed forces that are still busy in fighting enemies of state shall never support anti armed forces and anti Pakistan propaganda. The main issue of people remains bread and butter, soaring prices of essential commodities, unemployment, lawlessness and painfully delayed justice and corruption at all levels. No one is bothered about millions of people who are poor, don’t have shelter can’t go to hospital. No food no job. State is not bothered, media also silent. These are the issues, each passing day bring miseries. Let everybody get united to combat these evils to steer the country out of these crisis to make better Pakistan instead resorting to leg pulling.

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