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The dilemma with Pakistani youth

Pakistan grapples with a significant challenge: overpopulation, where more than 60 percent of the total population is below 30 years. This demographic, while potentially a hidden blessing and a beacon of hope for the future, has become entangled in a severe economic crisis, given the country’s third-world status. Once Nelson Mandela said, “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. In this critical phase, Pakistan is struggling to support and effectively harness the potential of its youth for the collective interest.
Each passing day witnesses a decline in the enthusiasm of youth, accompanied by a fading spirit of patriotism and a palpable sense of confusion in their career chances, indicative of a perceived loss of life’s true purpose. Addressing these issues requires urgent attention, focusing an identifying the root cause. Political and economic instability in the country contributes to a lack of unity among the youth, diverting their attention from the educational and especially the career goals and objectives.
The constant shifts in political dynamics create an atmosphere of unpredictability, making it difficult for the young individuals to chart a stable course for their future. Barak Obama said, “The youth are the future of our nations and it is their responsibility to actively participate in the politics.”
The struggle faced by youth is further compounded by economic instability, with a high level of unemployment becoming a pervasive issue. According to David Cameron, “The economy is the start and end of everything. You cannot have successful education reform or any other reform if you do not have a strong economy”. Lack of job opportunities not only impede professional growth but also induces existential and identify crises. Quest for the meaningful employment become entangled with questions of purpose and self-worth, leading to a sense of uncertainty about their roles in the society.
In such a climate, the youth’s ability to concentrate on educational pursuits is compromised by the pressing need to address existential concerns. The intertwined nature of political, economic and identity issues create a complex web that hampers the educational and professional focus of the youth, underscoring the urgent need for the comprehensive societal reforms to enable a more conductive environment for their growth and development.
Furthermore, the erosion of one-up held moral standards costs a shadow over university culture, raising concerns about the ethical foundation of the academic institution. A notable proportion of students are now entangled in activities that deviate from traditional norms, and a departure religious values. This shifts challenges the ethical fabric of educational institution, hinders the spiritual and intellectual growth of the students.
The widespread involvement in such activities results in substantial squandering of time, health, energy, and talent. This misuse jeopardizes academic endeavours and precipitates severe consequences in the form of depression and mental illness. The prevalence of depression among the students has given rise to an alarming increase in the suicidal thoughts. According to WHO, “Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15-29 years old”. Urgent attention is needed to address these ethical lapses and provide necessary support structure to guide youth towards a more constructive and fulfilling trajectory, thereby curbing the rising tides of despair.
This challenging environment favours only those with the resilience to shield them from the pervasive harm. Sadly, many others are left to navigate with perils alones relying on providence for support. It became a collective responsibility for the society to address this pressing issue and extend the necessary attention; failing to do so risks squandering a vast reservoir of youth potential, paving the way for a significant surge in crime rates.
The looming specter of adverse consequences in the coming years underscores the urgency of concerted efforts to safeguard the wellbeing and future of the youth, ensuring a more constructive and positive trajectory for society as a whole.

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