The future of Afghanistan remains to be decided


With the withdrawal of US troops, various estimates were being made about the Taliban’s complete occupation of Afghanistan, saying that the Taliban would need a year to take full control of Afghanistan.A US intelligence report prepared in May said the Taliban could take control of Kabul in 30 to 90 days, but the Taliban had arrived at the Afghan presidential palace just five days after the new report.The speed with which the Afghan Taliban took over almost the whole of Afghanistan between July 21 and August 15 has taken the whole world by surprise.After the Taliban came to power, it is not yet clear what the Taliban’s government structure will be.Will they form a coalition government or will a Taliban government be formed as in the past?What’s more, the question is, what will be the Taliban-style government? Will they enforce strict laws based on Islamic law as in the past? No clear situation has emerged in this regard so far.
Only after the Taliban forms a government in Afghanistan does the world have to decide whether to recognize the Taliban government or not. Even in the 1990s, only Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates recognized his government.Will the Taliban this time refrain from enforcing the strict laws of the 1990s in order to make themselves acceptable to the world? Will they keep their promises to the world?It would be premature to predict how much the Afghan Taliban have changed over the past.
Some intellectuals in Pakistan are likening the Taliban’s occupation of Kabul to a “conquest of Mecca”In his first reaction to the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “They have broken the chains of slavery in Afghanistan.” Pakistan’s religious and political figures have called the Taliban a “historic victory against the superpower.”Siraj-ul-Haq, leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami, which fought alongside al-Qaeda in Russia in the 1990s, congratulated the Taliban on a historic victory over superpowers by 220 million Pakistanis and expressed hope that “an ideal Islamic government will be established in Afghanistan.” When it is done, its effects, fragrance and rays will spread everywhere”.In other words, their aim is to open the way for the establishment of an Islamic government based on power in Pakistan as well.
Maulana Fazlur Rehman, President of Jamiat Ulema, while congratulating the Taliban, said:Praise be to Allaah. After many sincere sacrifices, with the help and support of Allaah, the Taliban Mujahideen have liberated their homeland Afghanistan from the world powers and their henchmen”.If there is “resistance like the Taliban” for the implementation of the Islamic system in Pakistan, then will Monala Fazlur Rehman justify it?
Pakistan has fought a difficult war on its soil against a hardline religious ideology. In this war, Pakistanis have suffered great loss of life and property. Success in the war on religious terrorism is the result of the everlasting sacrifices of the Pakistan Army.The kind of ideas and ideologies being spread by government members on the success of the Taliban in Afghanistan will have an impact not only on Pakistani society but also on the diplomatic level.The Taliban have released not only Pakistani Taliban but also al-Qaeda members from every prison, including Bagram. This situation can be very complicated for Pakistan’s security.Instead of expressing emotions on this occasion, it is necessary to assess the situation consciously.
Federal Minister for Environment Zartaj Gul tweeted, “India got the right gift on their Independence Day.Today, India’s pro-terrorism government should celebrate the day with tears and grief because the Kabul government it used to carry out terrorist activities in Pakistan has come to an end today.”Many Pakistani government officials, journalists and defense analysts have hailed the capture of Kabul as a defeat for India. The Taliban’s takeover of Kabul is being seen as a strategic defeat for India. There is no doubt that India and its intelligence agency RAW, with the help of the Afghan consulates and the Ashraf Ghani administration, were creating problems for Pakistan.
The overthrow of Ashraf Ghani’s government in Afghanistan and the coming to power of the Taliban is a welcome step in Pakistan’s view, but we must also see that the eyes of the world are on us.Pakistan must understand that its enemies have not diminished since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. It is certain that conspiracies against Pakistan have been eliminated from Afghanistan.India is burning like a wounded snake in the fire of revenge.He will not refrain from negative propaganda and conspiracies against Pakistan.After the recent statement of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, negative news against Pakistan has started appearing in the international media.We need to be very careful in the changing situation in Afghanistan. The situation should be reviewed instead of making unnecessary statements.
It remains to be seen whether the Afghan Taliban will act on what they are saying. Will they succeed in establishing lasting peace in Afghanistan?If you look at the track record of the Afghan Taliban, they have been using the most conservative interpretation of Islamic law in Afghan society and still hold the same position today.The five-year rule of the Taliban after 1996 was horrific. Sharia law was in its strictest form everywhere, and public killings, stoning’s, and floggings were common as punishment.Women were required to wear the burqa in public. Girls’ schools were closed.
After twenty years of long struggle and negotiations with the United States, when the Taliban have once again become the rulers of Afghanistan, are they ready to change and soften their basic policies and ideology?The key question is which Taliban leader is chosen to lead Afghanistan; a final decision is yet to be made.
Wahidullah Hashmi, the most important commander of the Taliban group that has taken control of Afghanistan, has said that the country will be ruled by Sharia law, not democratic rule.According to him, Afghanistan will be run under a council-style Sharia system of government and Hibatullah Akhunzada will play the role of Supreme Leader.The Taliban’s supreme leader is thought to have three deputies, including Mullah Omar’s son Mullah Yaqub, Sirajuddin Haqqani, head of the powerful Haqqani Network group, and Abdul Ghani Baradar, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Doha.
Only after the election of the Afghan head, the formal formation of the government, the implementation of the state constitution and laws will a decision be made about the future of Afghanistan.The future of the Afghan Taliban now depends on the Taliban’s announcements and actions in the coming days and months.

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