The Intellectual Forum organises Seerat Moot at Arts Council Karachi

The Intellectual Forum organizes Seerat Moot

Imran Zakir

KARACHI: Former Advocate General Massod Noorani has said that we have witnessed from the last few decades is that the role of the state as a governing institution is declining steadily and there is no hope of relief. This was stated by him while giving his presidential address at the Seerat Conference organized by The Intellectual Forum, here at Arts council of Pakistan, Wednesday.
The Conference having the title ‘Seerat un Nabi and Human Rights’ was aimed at highlighting the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAAW) last sermon and to compare it with our Government policies and justice system.
Masood Noorani said that our Prophet (SAAW) preached that men and women had rights over each other. “Your rights over them are that they shouldnot call to them anyone whom you do not approve of. They should not betray your trust. If they indulge in shameless immorality, then you
have been given the right to express your displeasure. But if they desist, then you should take good care of their needs, such as clothing and food.” But we forget such moral thoughts of our Prophet (SAAW).
True leaders stop to conquer. They live to fight another day. One can only hope that sanity would prevail sooner rather than later, and thedrift towards anarchy would be averted, he concluded his thoughtful speech.
The other panelists of this intellectual forum were: Professor Naz Paal, Dr. Mehmood ul Hassan, Syed Ghulam Shah Lashari, Professor Ejaz Qureshi, Dr Sarwat Askari, K.B Malik and Abdul Wahab.