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The menace of counterfeit medications in Pakistan’s healthcare system

Iqra Malik

The counterfeit medicines causes a serious threat to the public health in Pakistan. The counterfeit medicines are simply ‘fake medicines’ in a purpose to deceive public consumers. These fraud medicines often imitate the original pharmaceutical product lacking necessary quality and efficacy putting unsuspecting consumers at risk. They may contain incorrect ingredient, improper dosage forms or even harmful substances.
The consequences of consuming these fake medicines can be severe. Patient may experience adverse effects, exacerbation of health condition or even death. More over the differentiation of fake drugs has a severe effect on trust in healthcare system, making it challenging for individuals to confidently access and use medications essential for their well-being.
Several factors contribute to the prevailing of counterfeit medicines. Weak regulatory frameworks, an improper enforcement and a lack of quality control measures enable deceivers to operate easily.A high demand for affordable medicines mingled with less awareness among public consumers creates an ease in the flourishing of counterfeit medications drug network.
Pakistan’s government has implemented rule and regulations and established specialized agencies to monitor and control the pharmaceutical market.
High technology has also played an important role in defeating counterfeit medicines such as track and trace system and bar coding are very instrumental to fight against these fake medications.
Education has also played a crucial role in spreading awareness among health care professionals and general public about risk associated with counterfeit medicines.Empowering consumers to verify the authenticity of medicines through simple measures, such as checking packaging details and buying from eestemed sources, is vital.
Dealing with fake medicines in Pakistan needs a combined effort. This means making rules better, using technology to help, and making sure people know more about the issue. If the government, doctors, and people work together, we can make sure everyone is safer when it comes to medicines, putting health first instead of allowing bad people to make money from fake drugs.

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