The people rejected the imported government

The policies of the present government are hostile to the people, so the people have rejected the imported government. Today the poor people are saying that when the present government cannot take care of things even after taking power, why did they end the government of Imran Khan? The agenda of the government is clear. They want to keep the people under the burden of further inflation. It is true that there should be no politics on the economy otherwise it will lead to further destruction. The elites in Pakistan are not ready to make sacrifices, so every time the people are made scapegoats, the IMF has increased the prices of all essential commodities including petrol, diesel, electricity and gas, with the big corporations getting sales tax. It has also asked for a two-thirds reduction in immunity. The present government has ended the previous government’s Ehsas program and announced to give Rs 2,000 to the poor, which is tantamount to kicking Hatim Tai’s grave.
Benazir’s income support program is being closed. How long will the present government keep trying to satisfy the people? The present government says that if Imran Khan’s government had not been removed, the country would have been ruined. We have to subsidize petrol by Rs 1,200 to 1,500 billion annually, which is almost equal to the defense budget. If the Ukraine war ends, petrol prices will go down. If petrol prices do not go up internationally, we will not go up either. If we had not made difficult decisions, the country could have defaulted in a couple of months. The present government has once again given a red pop to the people that the situation will improve after two or three months of austerity. The price of CNG has also been increased following the rise in prices of petroleum products. The present imported government has claimed that we want to come to power to end inflation and unemployment and our aim is to give relief to the people but after coming to power they have brought inflation and unemployment to an extreme, the dollar has completed a double century.
Petrol and diesel prices are hitting all-time highs, not enough. The government intends to drop more inflation bombs on the people.
After the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), the present government passed a regressive bill, the National Accountability (Amendment) 2022, in Parliament and sent it to the President. This bill will open new avenues for corruption. The bill will further weaken the accountability process. Countries around the world are trying to curb white-collar crime. The black money of political elements obtained through tax evasion, crime and other sources of corruption leaves no trace.
The people are being exploited. This bill is trying to eliminate accountability completely and neutralize accountability so that the present imported government can set new records of corruption. The present government is working against its claims. So far the present government has not fulfilled a single promise made to the people but more people have been trapped in the mire of inflation and unemployment. That is why the people not only rejected the allies of the imported government during the by-elections but also the imported government. The measures of the present government are hostile to the people.
This anti-people government is not acceptable to the people. The coalition parties in the current government and their leaders are the king of corruption, it seems that the thieves have been made the watchdog. Currently, more than half of the people in the current cabinet are on bail. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif does not have a mandate, the caretaker government has been imposed on the people by manipulation. The PPP and the PML-N can not last long. This has been proven in the past. The government’s unnatural alliance with other political parties seems to be falling apart. The nation does not recognize the imported government. The so-called economists have come to power and dropped a series of inflation bombs in the country. The previous government did not end subsidies under the pressure of the IMF. It has gone beyond the demands of the government and has accepted all the demands. This is expected to lead to a flood of more inflation. This government has come to power not to provide relief to the people but to add to the suffering of the people. They had to end their cases which they have done. The present government does not have the slightest sense of the people.
During the by-polls in NA-240 area of Karachi, riots continued throughout the day. The Election Commission failed to hold clean and transparent elections. Imran Khan has boycotted the present imported government due to which the ruling coalition party MQM (According to the Election Commission, the turnout in the constituency was 8.38% while the total number of voters in the constituency was 529,855. Overall, 92% of the people rejected the election. The Election Commission should declare the election of this constituency null and void due to low turnout. Dozens of polling stations appeared deserted during the by-elections. He has been opposed but unfortunately in a constituency with more than 500,000 votes, the person who won with 10,000 votes will now represent 500,000 people. What kind of system is this? Where is the justice? It needs to be fixed. In addition, political parties have accused each other of attacks. There were also riots and shootings. Tensions remained high in the area and business was shut down. When these are the conditions during by-elections in a constituency, then what will be the situation when the general elections are to be held in the streets? This is a matter of great concern and a question mark for our institutions. Despite all the polling stations being declared sensitive, the number of security personnel at the polling stations was low. This by-election was boycotted by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The stations turned out to be empty and the turnout was very low. On the other hand, the present imported government has reportedly removed the names of people from the ECL who were facing serious allegations. In fact, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan was responsible for controlling the exit control list, but now this responsibility has been handed over to the Ministry of Home Affairs. If new elections are not announced, the situation is likely to worsen. This government has given nothing but deception to the people. And after coming to power, its cases are being dropped first. Instead of giving relief to the people, the present government has also ended the first relief which is tantamount to oppression. After all, if a free citizen of independent Pakistan goes, where will he go? slot pulsa slot slot online slot88