The secret of peace


Dear Readers! Our society as a whole is on the path of intolerance. The element of violence is prominent in political, religious and ethnic differences. People lose each other’s honor and life over minor differences. If we consider the causes of intolerance, many reasons come to light, some of the main ones are as follows: Lack of knowledge; when there is a decline in knowledge in a nation, people resort to violence instead of taking the path of reason. Let’s go on the way.
Allah, the Exalted and Exalted, always talked about the exchange of arguments in the Holy Quran: “O Prophet, say to them, have you ever opened your eyes and seen that they are the beings whom you call upon besides God?” Just show me what they have created on the earth, or what is their share in the creation and arrangement of the heavens, if you have any remnant of the book or knowledge (in proof of these beliefs) that came before it. Bring it if you are truthful.” (Ahqaf: 4)
Worldly studies are not enough to achieve high morality, but it is very important to have religious studies to achieve high morals. Professional education is a means of economic and social stability, while religious education adorns a person with high moral values. Many people in the world show violence and intolerance despite being apparently highly educated.
One of the reasons for this is that they are oblivious to the religious sciences and the sense of responsibility for the hereafter: “People know only the outward aspect of the life of this world and they themselves are oblivious to the hereafter” (Romans: 7) Injustice. And bigotry: Injustice and bigotry are also big causes of intolerance. In our society, people generally get enmity on the basis of injustice and prejudice and support each other on the basis of prejudice. Injustice and lack of justice creates intolerance in society.
Allah Almighty has ordered the believers to conduct affairs on the basis of justice rather than on the basis of kinship and kinship. Allah Almighty says in Surah An-Nisa verse 135: “O you who have believed, bear justice and be witnesses for God, even if the burden of your justice and your testimony is on yourselves or on your parents.” And why don’t you fall on relatives?
Whether the party is rich or poor, Allah is more Benevolent to them than to you, so do not deviate from justice in following your own desires and if you have spoken falsely or shied away from the truth, then know that whatever you do Allah is aware of it. It is also known from the study of the Holy Quran that the path of justice should not be abandoned due to the prejudice of a nation: “O people who believe! For the sake of Allah, be upright and bear witness to justice, do not let the enmity of any group enrage you so much that you turn away from justice.” (Maida: 8).
Envy: Intolerance like bigotry and injustice. A major reason is jealousy. Jealousy prompts people to enmity and abuse each other. The killing of the son of Hazrat Adam (A.S.) was also done on the basis of jealousy, which is mentioned in the verses 27 to 30 of Surah Maida.
Pride: Pride is also a major cause of intolerance in society. Many people consider themselves superior to others and consider others as inferior and despised, due to which they show violence to others due to contempt in the event of a conflict. Knowing from the study of the Holy Quran. It happens that the reason for the humiliation of Iblis is boasting. Allah Almighty dislikes pride. A person should be humble and try to avoid pride in all situations.
Lack of patience: It is generally observed that a large number of people show impatience and get angry easily. A person should be patient with the sufferings that occur and instead of reacting harshly, he should consider the issues with a cool heart. Allah mentioned in Surah Luqman the advice of HazratLuqman which he gave to his son. Where he spoke many valuable things to his son, he also ordered his son to be patient: “And be patient in whatever trouble you face, these are the things that have been strongly emphasized.” Luqman: 17).
In the Holy Quran, Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, advised the believers to seek help through patience and prayer, and at the same time. He has also mentioned His companionship with those who persevere. In Surah Baqarah, verse number 153, it was said: “O you who believe, seek help through patience and prayer. Allah is with those who persevere.” What is mentioned? If we want to end provocation in society, we need these reasons. You have to think about it. Only after thinking about these points can we truly make the society a cradle of peace and tranquility.
May Allah Almighty make our society walk on the path of peace and security instead of the path of violence and intolerance? Today we see that although the Pashtun nation is knowledgeable, educated and skilful, instead of learning something from the elders, they seem to be wandering in the atmosphere of self-interest politics and nationalism. They are unaware of the secrets of peaceful living of their ancestors. Kalashnikov culture if rife in every region. Nationalism is covered by a cloud of prejudice and malice. They are allegedly engaged in murdering each other, everyone is deaf to hear justice, everyone is dumb to raise the voice of truth and truth, and this is the reason why we are immersed in the sea ofindividualism and nationalism. It has become difficult. Every day, big national problems arise from trivial matters. As soon as resentments arise between nations, their future is destroyed. The defenders of women’s honor and likewise are leading by examples of pure self and refined temperament, but today there is an atmosphere of chaos and hatred in the Pashtun societies and they are attacking each other’s respect, wealth and rights. The concept of the nation presents our internal injustices, oppression, oppression and murder. Because of this, we are losing the basic facilities of health and education and professions like trade. And women are all getting badly affected. In our societies, the elderly people of half a century are not given importance. The lesson of creating a peaceful society will definitely be learned.
Unfortunately, today in Pashtun societies, due to the wrong and unnecessary use of social media, distance has been created between the elders and the youth, which leads to all kinds of evils, which is no less than a big problem for the region. If our new generation starts the series of sittings with their parents and elders, very soon the oppression, oppression, injustice and nationalism discrimination going on among the Pashtun nations will end. A citizen of Pakistan living in the US is my friend as a brother always cries with tears over this destruction of his homeland and nation.

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