The terrorist on the move!

It is no secret that the USA had declared Modi, the incumbent PM of India as a terrorist, who had killed more than three thousand Muslims in Gujrat (India). He was once denied the visa of USA but since his victory and pro-capital policies, the USA no more considers him as terrorist but a friend who will check the advance of China at the behest of USA and other western powers who are more interested in trade with India rather than questioning his religion-based extremist policies violating all norms of humanity. Modi’s occupation of occupied Kashmir revoking all constitutional arrangement as mentioned in the Indian constitution and openly flouting the Security Council resolutions calling India to hold plebiscite to determine the fate of this disputed territory, but nothing has been done in this regard. On the contrary Modi has annexed the occupied Kashmir violating all laws agreed with Pakistan and the UNO. Meanwhile, India has dispatched more than ten thousand troops in the valley to quell the uprising due to illegal annexation of occupied Kashmir. It’s almost a month; the curfew has been imposed in occupied Kashmir while sixteen Kashmiri youth has been killed by the Indian soldiers. Because of curfew the people have been suffering, no food, no school and no medicine for the sick. The Kashmir valley has been virtually turned into a garrison town, fear and gloom writ large in the occupied Kashmir. The human rights violation are rampant, the Indian army can arrest anyone without any reason and send them in concentration camps especially setup to torture the youths who are active against the annexation of Kashmir by Modi. The international media has been exposing the atrocities committed by Indian soldiers upon the innocent Kashmiris struggling for their rights for the seventy years. Even Indian media has been criticizing the policies of Modi and his diehard supporters like RSS which wants Pakistan to be dismantled. The Indian press thinks that Modi has virtually destroyed the peace in South Asia which might trigger war between the two nuclear armed nations, Pakistan and India. Even the US press also thinks that Kashmir is a nuclear flash point in South Asia, which might lead to military conflict engulfing many countries in the region. Meanwhile Modi, the terrorist, is on the move visiting many countries to take their leadership into confidence about his illegal and unconstitutional action in the occupied Kashmir but so far he has not been successful. He has been asked to lift curfew and stop his army not to use weapons like pellet guns on the unarmed Kashmiris. However, Pakistan will not deter to support Kashmiris morally and constitutionally and is a party to the dispute over Kashmir recognized by the UNO and OIC and even USA who’s President has said that he is willing to act as a mediator between India and Pakistan, thereby accepting that the Kashmir is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan.

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