Top traits of the assistant managers form 360 BPO Solutions more reliable

Assistant managers are the direct battle field force and their dedication,
discipline, problem solving capacity, confidence building measures and
leadership skills are essential for the organization, Ali Sayani tells TFD

TFD Report

KARACHI: The assistant managers are the most important people in any business. By doing management tasks, they make sure that operations run smoothly. No matter what field they work in, which can be very different, they act as a link between upper management and staff.
Sayani says, “As the job title suggests, an assistant manager helps a store, department, or team run smoothly by doing some managerial tasks, like setting up work hours and judging how well employees do their jobs. Depending on the industry, he or she may also be in charge of handling customer complaints that have been escalated. This is because assistant managers often work with customers. One of the most important jobs is to fill in for the manager when the manager isn’t there. People who want to work their way up to a management job often see the job as a stepping stone.
“At 360 BPO Solutions, employees are supervised and managed by the assistant managers, not the senior managers.
Every day, this could mean setting up the team’s schedule, approving vacations, answering staff questions, and enforcing rules. Assistant managers are also in charge of judging how well employees do their jobs and setting up training and development programmes for staff to make up for any skill gaps.
He said that in our IT retail industry, an assistant manager will be the first senior person to help a dissatisfied customer in a way that makes them happy overall. When a customer has a problem, the first person to talk to is our assistant manager. For our assistant managers to do their jobs well, they need to have good people skills, good communication skills, and the ability to stay focused and polite under pressure. Assistant managers work with senior managers side by side and must be able to “step up” when the senior manager isn’t there. This means they need to know the most important parts of a manager’s job and be ready to do them when needed without putting pressure on higher-ups.
360 BPO Solutions has a way for employees to report problems, such as a scheduling conflict, a difference in pay, or a problem with a coworker. Often, the first step is to tell the assistant manager what’s going on. For our assistant managers to be good at their jobs, they need to be able to listen to complaints and know how to handle them in a quick and professional way.
Ali Sayani says, “Our assistant managers often lead teams on different projects for their own departments. They act as the project manager to make sure the project gets done well. This role includes tasks like figuring out the scope of the project, organising people and other resources, making plans, keeping track of money, and writing reports.
An assistant manager’s main job is to lead the team. In 360 BPO Solutions, they are often in charge of keeping communication open so that everyone knows everyone else’s goals and objectives.
He also stresses the importance of leadership skills, saying, “An assistant manager is a leader, so they should be ready to solve problems at work, settle disagreements between employees and customers, and always act in a professional way. When a manager isn’t around, it’s usually up to the assistant manager to run things. This means you should be ready to step up and be a voice for the employees under your charge.
Ali Sayani, the CEO of 360 BPO Solutions, is grateful for his company’s loyal assistant management and hopes that their work will stay the same. He says that while focusing on the ability to make decisions “At work, our assistant managers are often asked to make both small and big decisions. For this job to go well, they must always be able to think quickly and act quickly. A good goal for an assistant manager is to be able to quickly assess any situation, weigh the pros and cons of different options, and make a decision that is good for everyone. slot