Traders hesitant in offering internships

KARACHI: CSR Conference 2022 was held in a local hotel Karachi where distinguish Guest and Speakers attended the whole day Conference. The Chief Guest of the inaugural session was Dr. Aftab Imam (Chief Commissioner Corporate Tax Office Federal Board of Revenue), says a Press release.
During his speech he emphasized on given Jobs to the unemployed and termed it as the biggest CSR of the day. He said when the organizations will grow then they will be able to provide Jobs. However he complained that the business community is hesitant in offering internships and also offer low pay scale. He further said that Karachi’s big Businesses, Factories should arrange for Vocational Training Centers.
Siraj Uddin Aziz (CEO Habib Bank AG Zurich) said that we donate but do not pay taxes, Karachi’s entrepreneurs are enormously earning but enhancing salaries of their staff. CSR not only given donations but it does care the employees as such.
Zahid Saeed (CEO Green Crescent Trust) specifically mentioned that given Tax is also CSR. Governments can only work for welfare of the people once it has proper revenue collection. Green Crescent is running 156 schools in Sindh and not giving education to women is not correct. At Green Crescent out of twenty nine thousands students 42% are girls.
Anjum Nisar (former President KCCI) said we have to seriously look at the directions of Pakistan, where will we be in another ten years , he asked me the fact we are placed today where we were before and the population is growing massively. In practicing CSR we should prepare framework under logical requirements. For the development of the country we have to give attention to the Education.
Ateeq Ur Rehman (CSR Activist) while briefing about the importance of such conference, he said that Karachi being one of the largest city of the world contributes immensely and generously for philanthropy, community welfare, social work, financial help, donations, etc thus is doing a wonderful CSR and massively contributing to the patronage of humanity. We are proud of our city of Karachi.
By praising the NGOs of Karachi who are filling the gap by helping tremendously the masses, deprived, under privileged and needy by providing them regular food, shelter, medicines, hospitalization and education.
Mehmood Tareen (CEO TPN) briefed the audience about the importance of networking NGOs and corporate/public private bodies/financial institutions in the conference. He also congratulated the NGOs and organizations for winning the CSR Awards.

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