Treason case against Nawaz Sharif likely to be filed soon

KARACHI: The Foreign Ministry has been directed to file a treason case against former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif for allegedly trying to mobilize foreign forces against Pakistan during his stay in the United Kingdom.
Reliable sources have revealed that some indications have been found against the PML-N leader and convicted former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif which show that he had contacts
with British and American political figures during his stay in London. By these efforts, he has persuaded them to increase diplomatic pressure on Pakistan and cut off or limit its economic aid so that Pakistan does not join the new block formed by China and Russia.
Therefore, Nawaz Sharif, some officials of PML (N) London have also enlisted the help of Hussain Haqqani, a former ambassador to the United States and a member of the PPP, to use their influence in the US Senate to try to destabilize Pakistan.
It should be noted that Hussain Haqqani has been accused of treason in a similar attempt in the past a case is pending in which he is absconding from the Supreme Court.
According to sources, Nawaz Sharif’s move falls under the category of Article 6 in which the death penalty is given.
Meanwhile, Nawaz League leader Mian Javed Latif has stated in a talk Show on a local TV channel Tuesday in which he admitted that Mian Sahib was making contacts abroad to make the united opposition movement against the government fruitful. In this regard, foreign powers have been persuaded.
According to sources, national security intelligence agencies have expressed displeasure over the activities of the PML-N.

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