Trends US set for the world

Idealistically, sincerely and honestly speakiing it is widely considered to be unbecoming of the world’s best labeled democracy and trend-setter of our planet’s teeming billions of leg-pulling and mud-slinging in its general election. All is well if it ends well but puzzling vibes of US Election continue to loom large. As writing seems to be on the wall and exit looks iminent for Trump, come Biden with puzzling dilemma of succession or retention of the former’s policies by the latter.
Core policy issues confronted Trump are obviously succeded to Biden like dreads of the deadly Corona Virus, checks and controls on nuclear proliferation, strategic priorities in national security, human rights concerns home and abroad, demanding pressures on Indian untold and unheeded atrocities in Occupied Kashmir, unending exploitation and sufferings of the Palestinians, intricate policy matters of human rights violations in India and Burma, question of extending an olive branch to Iran, graceful exit from Afghanistan without the slighest hint of the Vietnam stigma, coping with the fear of the unknown in dealing with China and North Korea, dealing with environmental degradation and the quest for sustaining and strenghthening of US financial and economic credibility in the wake of China penetrating, despite the pandemic, into world markets, Japan considered as economic super power and EU giving a new look to its daunting independent financial stance.
It is generally said that it needs out-of- the-box thinking, rising over and above self and ego and statesmanship beyond leadership by the branded super power relishing and languishing in its utopia of a unipolar world. US has a world- acknowledged legacy in statesmanlike Monroe, Truman, Woodrow Wilson, LB Johnson, JF Kenedy, Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and alike. A 2015 poll administered by the American Political Science Association (APSA) among political scientists specializing in the American presidency had Abraham Lincoln in the top spot, with George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bill Clinton, …For them leading from the front was thinking from the front realizing that key to long and strong lasting remedies to human maladies lie in cheerfully co-existing with conflicts of views and clashes of interests amid statesmanlike mutual trust, respect, confidence, innovations and solutions towards a better and brighter world.

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