Tributes paid to teachers at Annual TCF Awards

KARACHI: The Citizens Foundation (TCF) held the final 15th Annual Awards ceremony to honour the year-long achievements and performance of its teachers and principals, which was attended by singer & actor Junaid Khan as the guest of honor for the event, says a Press release.
More than 2,000 teachers and principals of Karachi and interior Sindh along with the head office staff and senior management participated in the event. The awards were presented by the Junaid Khan, CEO of The Citizen’s Foundation and other senior management to the teachers with the best competency this year.
Speaking at the award ceremony Junaid Khan said, “The Citizen’s Foundation is doing a fantastic job of providing quality education to children across Pakistan.
“A teacher’s role in their student’ life extends outside the classroom, and by forging strong relationships they manage to guide students through every aspect of their lives.” the talented star further added.
The awards were presented to teachers for extraordinary performance this year in the following categories: (1) Service and Attendance awards; (2) Teacher Competency awards; (3) Whole School Index (WSI) Awards – Performance on overall school KPIs; and (4) Board/Matric awards.
Awards were also presented to the students with exceptional performance in the matric board exams.
TCF is the largest private employer of women in the private sector with more than 12,000 female teachers and principals throughout the country-wide network of 1,567 school units in Pakistan, from Karachi to Kashmir. These teachers and principals are an integral part of TCF’s education movement who strive to provide quality education to more than 252,000 students every day, nurturing them become agents of positive change. These teachers take the journey of enlightenment every day to TCF schools in remotest areas, making quality education possible for the children in these less privileged communities.
“A good teacher has the power to change lives. A good principal can run a school with discipline and empathy, encouraging the teachers and students to work harder and perform better. Today, TCF Alumni are finding their path to success and inspiring change in their own communities. This achievement, to a very great extent, has resulted due to the hard work of our teachers. All the principals and teachers are personally invested in the intellectuals, moral and spiritual development of their students. They take ownership of their students and nurture them as their own children. In essence, they serve to be the backbone of our mission to educate the children of Pakistan,” said CEO & President of TCF Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad.
TCF understands that specialized principals’ and teachers’ training is a prerequisite for imparting quality education in all its schools. While teachers have a direct impact on students in classrooms, principals affect all students in the school. Our training team, therefore, aligns an extensive teacher and principal training programme every year.
For teachers, the modules are designed based on their training needs assessment ranging from Classroom Management to Motivating Learners to Usage of Visual Aids. Principals on the other hand receive training for effective school leadership. Their training includes courses like Communication Skills, Conflict Management, Delegation, Prioritizing and Taking Action. The objective is to produce and sustain a positive learning environment that generates strong learning outcomes in classrooms, ensuring students’ academic success.
For more engaged learning, TCF has also rolled out e-Learning AV rooms at different school locations. Teachers have been trained to utilize these AV rooms for their training and also to teach students in a more interactive.
TCF believes that good teachers are its greatest asset and will continue to invest in them for the best education outcomes. Teachers at TCF, with their ambition and commitment, enable the children to learn and understand this curriculum based on the learning needs of the children who represent different ethnic backgrounds.

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