Troubled civilians rescued by Pakistan Army: A duty or a favour?

The army is designed and supposed to be on the borders protecting them rather than interfering in civilian matters so their duties should be performed as assigned on the borders or staying in the bunkers. It is a widespread notion that what army does isn’t a favor as they are paid to do their jobs, so the army does not have a right to meddle in civil matters since armies around the world are on the borders but it is only the Pakistan army that takes active part in inside matters. But the questions that bother me are; have you ever witnessed armies around the globe carrying buckets draining water out of civilians’ houses, making aqueducts, wiping dirt off the streets?
There’s not a second thought that world armies are on the borders and they belong to the borders but their governments and civil institutions are able and profound, they are able enough to deal with mishaps, they are not forced to call for armies for trivial matters due to which their armies don’t have to bother. The Pakistan army is paid for the favors they do, is that so?
There are hundreds of institutions paid double or triple of what they pay to the Pakistan army, along with unscheduled holidays, unlimited rest, perks of bonuses, including corruption, bribes and stolen wealth so it is very evident that they are far better off than the Pakistan army if it comes to salaries. Even then the around 70% to 80% workers there do not perform their duties well or consider it their prime duty to harass the civilians.
The Pakistan army is also forced to do the duties of other institutions with the salaries they get only to be on the borders. So, the army must be on the borders and also take the water out of the houses, clear the aqueducts, wipe the dirt off the streets, cure the ill, feed you their piece of bread, provide clothing and shelter, protect children, women and senior citizens, how mindless it sounds. Hence proved, it isn’t their duty but a favor for which the army is not paid and those who take a good amount of salary for it don’t perform their duties which lead the army to work in the cities and villages in case of disasters.
Now if any pest decides to question and argue that what Pakistan army does isn’t a favor and world armies do the same, so dear pests, if the world armies did this much for their people, they wouldn’t have barked with a mouthful instead they would be grateful instead of setting them up with propagandas, spilling a mouthful of poison but instead pull the poisonous tongues out if they need to, so if after taking this much the army is putting themselves on edge for you, it is a favor.
The army has gone head to toe in Murree taking the travelers out but is never by choice but they are asked to, but why is it necessary to call for the army if civil institutions are available? It feels like the army is used as per convenience to look up to for help and then bashed to harm their honor. These double standards must be demolished, it is very unfortunate of Pakistanis to call for their saviors only at the time of dire need and after that they become as common as anyone. We live in an unfortunate country which despite having every possible blessing is empty handed due to the lack of ability to protect or use it for good and in favor of the nation, as we are unable to settle our internal disputes.
We got divided into sects in the name of ablaut resulting in extreme division of thought instead of collective thought as a nation. It is a dire need to focus on collective national interest and national growth and wealth must be taken on priority making and implementing “one national agenda”. Army is an honorable and respected institution and is valued by the nations who don’t have their own and by those who are forced to rely on alliances for their safety.

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