Troubled Kabul and way forward

The last soldier of US was Maj Gen Chris Donahue, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division who stepped into standing C-17 aircraft to leave Kabul Airport after 20 years of forced occupation of Afghanistan without achieving any success. It was wrong decision and big blunder by George Bush to go to war and hunt Osama Bin Laden alleged planner of attack on Twin Tower as a result suffered over 4000 casualties and loss of roughly 3 trillion dollars roughly $ 290 million per day without achieving their objectives. Bush extended the war to Iraq, Libya as they were alleged to be equipped with weapons of mass destruction and killed thousands of innocent people and damaged their infrastructure. Bush told lie to Americans as there were no weapons of mass destruction, he succeeded in changing regimes and killing popular leaders like Sadam Hussein who was hanged after mock trial and Col Qadafi was assassinated for no rhyme and reason ultimately it was people who suffered. It gave birth to ISIS and Daish extremist groups who indulged in mass killing of people in most brutal manner, a creation of US. Afghan Taliban continued their struggle to free their country from occupied forces ultimately they succeeded in bringing US at negotiating table in Doha and after prolonged meetings an agreement was signed between US and Taliban in Doha in February 2020 in which US agreed to pull out all their forces by 31 August 2021. Pakistan performed the role of facilitator duly acknowledged by US and the world over; it was Pakistan efforts that Taliban agreed on negotiations. Due credit must be given to US specially Joe Biden for sticking to exit schedule and same goes for Taliban who did not fire a single bullet while entering in Kabul on 15 August the capital of Afghanistan.US left behind trained army of 300000 with most sophisticated weapons and military hardware worth over 45 billion dollars as reported in the media. Complete details of the agreement have not been shared but it looks both sides have implemented the agreement in letter and spirit.US was sure that once Afghan Taliban try to enter Kabul the trained army of Afghanistan with most sophisticated war machinery will give tough time to Taliban and civil war shall break out. But US was surprised because Taliban entered Kabul without any resistance by the Ghani’s armed forces whereas US was sure that the Afghan National Army will give tough time to Taliban and it will end up in civil war, but it was peaceful take over as ANA did not put up fight instead they facilitated Taliban’s in taking over Kabul. Ashraf Ghani fled the country with boxes full of dollars and was a great disappointment to the people of Afghanistan. Since Taliban had already ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 therefore they took little time to adjust themselves to the new environments. Taliban announced general amnesty to all and openly said that there will be no revenge whatsoever but were firm and categorical that it will be Emirates not republic and government will be run on Sharia and there will be no compromise whatsoever and ordered all women workers to stay back in homes until further orders. The west wants freedom to women as enjoyed by women in their country that in any case will not be allowed. Afghanistan stands shattered and need help to survive. At present no businesses are taking place, donor countries are helping people of Afghanistan and so is the European Union said it will triple its humanitarian aid for Afghanistan. Finance ministers from world’s largest industrialised and developing economies also asked the World Bank to explore the ways to redirect funding in existing programs to international agencies operating in Afghanistan.We must know that more than 70 percent revenue of the deposed Afghan government came from international aid, which has now been almost completely eliminated, with winter approaching food stores are needed to be set up across the country when snow will make certain areas inaccessible. Millions of people are displaced need shelter and medical facilities, these issues need top priority by the donors and neighbours. The most immediate problem is their recognition, people are watching US to break the ice but there is no movement from Biden. Although embassies are still there but remain inactive. Pakistan has appealed to the world community to understand the problems of Afghan Taliban and recognise them so that regional countries also join them in recognition. Policy of wait and see is going on. The situation in Afghanistan is certainly causing problems for Taliban due to brutal activities of Daish. For successive two weeks they attacked Shia mosques on Friday when people were offering their prayers in Qandoos and Kandhar killing hundreds besides wounding hundreds. It is challenge to Taliban and they must increase vigilance throughout especially vulnerable places that can lead to civil war. Pakistan has also to ensure that no one crosses the border without valid permission. It is time that recognition is accorded to Afghanistan to ensure regional peace.

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