Trump has done immense harm to US foreign policy

Two new polls out this week discloses the huge harm that President Trump has done to U.S. foreign policy .In a survey of 13 countries, America’s ranking in the world has dropped to remarkably low. Merely 26 percent of Germans, 30 percent of the Dutch, 31 percent of the French, 33 percent of Australians and Swedes, 35 percent of Canadians, and 41 percent of the Japanese and British have a praising impression of the United States. The only country among the 13 all U.S. allies that still judge the United States favorably is South Korea. That is a hasty fall in mere four years. In 2016, the U.S. favorability rating span from a low of 57 percent Germany to a high of 72 percent Japan.
The decline is partially due to Trump’s shameful mismanagement of the coronavirus. About 15 percent of respondents give the United States the exceptional marks on the Covid-M-19 virus. China’s handling of the pandemic is more than double as popular, even though that’s where the virus created. Trump himself is largely unpopular – more so even than Russia’s Vladimir Putin or China’s Xi Jinping
. Nearly eighty-three percent of respondents in U.S. allies have no self reliance in president. Only 16 percent trust him to do what is correct in world affairs. About sixty-eight percent states say it would be better for the future of the country if we take a greater part in world affairs. The majority of the public in US is in favor of free trade, alliances and international leadership.
The Republicans have turned more adversaries on all of these policies under Trump’s damaging influence. The percentage of Republicans who support globalization has declined from 62 percent in 2014 to 55 percent. Presently Republicans discloses that America needs to be self- reliant; only 18 percent of Democrats concord. Republican support for NATO 60 percent is 25 percentage points lower than among Democrats
Less than 50 percent of Republicans support defending NATO allies for example like Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia from a Russian invasion and a minor majority approve of Trump’s troop reduction in Germany. A third desires even higher troop withdrawals. International diplomacy has given no satisfactory results as well.
North Korea continues to manufacture nuclear warheads and test short-range missiles that frighten South Korea and Japan. There’s no indication t hat Kim give up his nuclear arsenal. On China, Trump has heightened tariff wars that have increased costs to American consumers, farmers and manufacturers. Unfortunately they have not produced the improved trade deals he promised.
Even by the president’s own standard, the U.S. trade deficit is worsening. In the Middle East, Trump set his sights on the biggest diplomatic deal of all, displeasing the poor Palestinians pleasing peace agreement with his darling Israel, and appointed his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to supervise it. Kushner has not officially announced his long-promised peace suggestion, and no negotiations have happened.
Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis is another warning of his management and political failure on Covid-19.Many questions remain to be known about how and when President Donald Trump was revealed to the coronavirus and if his symptoms will exacerbate. Trump’s sickness is a largely policy failure. Trump and his administration not only failed to safeguard in excess than 7 million Americans from the coronavirus, they also were not successful safeguard the president himself.
In spite of the advice of medical experts, Trump has attended huge rallies as part of his reelection win and his repeated refusal to wear a mask. He also scoffed his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, for curtailing campaign events in response to Covid-19 and always wearing a mask.
From the commencement of the pandemic, Trump has intentionally minimized the coronavirus, demanded states reopen too quickly, created problems with testing and tracing down to local and state governments with more scarce resources than the federal government, teased masks, and played politics in public health institutions than letting science guide the response.
This was contrary to the advice of public health experts. They called for an aggressive testing and effective tracing system, one that was utilized in countries like Germany, New Zealand, and South Korea to quickly separate the infected, quarantine their links, and control virus completely.
When President Donald Trump took office, Iran was more than one year away from being able to conctruct a bomb. There is no clear proof that Iran’s leaders have made the decision to really build a weapon, the growth in Iran’s nuclear capabilities shows that Trump’s effort to force Iran to give up its all nuclear program has failed. Iran’s new nuclear position is a direct result of his decisions to withdraw from a 2015 deal that largely limited Iran’s nuclear power and on the other hand pursued a policy of clash and upsurge. Iran continues to fully comply with its commitment to provide prompt access to sites chosen by the IAEA.

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