Trying to evolve from grey to white on the FATF

Mujahid Barelvi

KARACHI: After the heated debate and a hilarious confrontation, PTI government passed the most controversial bills in joint parliament session. One is anti-money laundering and second, anti-terrorist courts.
PM Khan claims it is not only the success of the government but also it was very important to come out from the FATF grey list which the government will face in October. It is also interesting to note that on one bill PTI government passed it merely by ten votes.
The joint opposition votes were 190 and that of the government were 200. The 36 opposition senators, MNA’s conspicuously didn’t attend the session which implies that even the government is losing simple majority in lower house as well.
On the other side, prior to the joint session, the government was defeated by hands of the joint opposition in senate by three votes.
To clear their name in FATF, the government is once again handed over a list of 87 institutions, mosques, madrassas as well as assets of Jaish-e-Mohamed and JuD. But this time, the government does not repeat the names of “D” of Maharashtra.
It is very interesting that it is an open secret that JuD and Jaish-e-Mohamed leadership is only under house arrest. But as compared with the previous governments, PTI government has restricted and suspended all of their sources for either monetary or physical activity.

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