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Turkiye Consulate holds the 100 years of celebrations as Republic at colourful event

Zahid H. Karani

KARACHI: A colorful Turkiye Century celebration reception hosted by Cemal Sangu Consul General of the Republic in Karachi and his beautiful wife. The consulate building is tastefully decorated to celebrate the Century Celebration, and guest lists were too long because the entire roads around the Consulate were chocked by vehicles, inside the Consulate long queues of guests every guest would like to Congratulate to host and hostess on the auspicious occasions of the Turkiye 100 years.
Who is who was present Kamran Khan Tessori, Governor of Sindh, Justice (R) Maqbool Baqir Jafri, Agha Siraj Durrani, many caretakers ministers Pakistan Leagent Actor Javed Shaikh, Turkish Artagul Actor Abdurahman, high-level government and armed forces officials businessmen, industrialists, large number of Turkiye Citizens based in City, elite of town and journalists.
THY and Dawlance stalls were there with lots of giveaways. Pegasus and THY gifted so many round-the-trip tickets, a group of Turkiye Darwesh performed, the Pakistan Navy Band played Turkiye, and the Pakistan National Anthem.
The host along with the VIP cut a cake delicious Turkiye, Pakistani, and Continental food was served on the occasion Consul General Mr. Cemal Sangu, in his speech said that we gather here in the spirit of love, and unity, and celebration to mark a remarkable milestone in the history of the Republic of Türkiye – its 100th Anniversary.
This momentous occasion is a testament to the enduring strength, resilience, and love that have defined our great nation for a century.
Turkiye envoy said the story of the Republic of Turkiye is a remarkable one. It’s a story of courage and determination that emerged from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, paving the way for a brighter future. The founding father of this great nation, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, envisioned a secular, democratic, and modern society,
and his vision has shaped the course of history.
He said that at this turning point in our glorious history, I commemorate all our heroes who pioneered the establishment of our new state, first and foremost the founder of the Republic, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and wish Allah’s mercy upon them.
Consul General said that, for a century, Turkiye has been a symbol of strength, unity, and progress, becoming a bridge between the East and the West North and South. It’s a nation that has embraced its diverse cultural heritage while forging ahead in science, technology, and innovation. He proudly said the Turkiye of today stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of its people.
Over the last century, Türkiye has faced countless challenges and obstacles, but it is the love of our people for this land, for freedom, democracy, and for each other that has carried us through. A love that transcends borders, languages, and cultures. This love has fueled our progress, transforming Türkiye into a beacon of hope, a symbol of what a nation can achieve when its people unite with unwavering dedication.
Sangu, says today’s celebration is not just an event for Turkiye, but a celebration of the enduring friendship and brotherhood between Turkiye and Pakistan. It’s a reaffirmation of our shared commitment to peace, cooperation, and prosperity.
He further said that as we look back on the past 100 years, we must also look forward to the next century with hope, optimism, and determination. Turkiye and Pakistan are two countries but one nation that have come a long way for centuries, and together, we can achieve even greater heights. May the friendship and brotherhood between our two nations continue to develop and prosper in the years to come.
In closing, on this 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye, let us remember that love is the cornerstone of our nation. Love for our land, love for our people, and love for the ideals that have shaped our destiny. With this enduring love, we will continue to forge a path towards a brighter, more prosperous future.
Cemal Sangu, thanked all friends, guests, brothers, and sisters who share our joy of celebration by being with us today here.