Ukraine crisis a geo-political flash point

Author of the concept of terrorism in post cold war

The escalating row between Moscow and Washington deepening over the Ukraine issue. Russia considers the involvement of the USA over Ukraine unnecessary as a part of its “dirty geo-political game”. USA is threatening of serious consequences if the Ukraine dispute doesn’t settle amicably by Moscow while Russia also warns of retaliation in face of a potential eastward push by NATO as a right to defend its security.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Fence on the other hand stressed the need to hold dialogue as time and situation is very grave and complicated.
There have been a flurry of diplomatic contacts to ease tensions between Russian President Vladimir Putin and western countries in the last few months over Russia’s military buildup on Ukrainian borders. The relationship between Moscow and Washington today are more adversarial and challenging than 1985 due to clash of interests. The US National Security Strategy proclaims Russia and China the two top threats to USA national security.
Britain’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has also expressed concern over the rising tensions across Europe and insisted to de-escalate the crisis through negotiations.
There is a dire urge to hold important exchanges of diplomatic talks between East and West over the Ukraine dispute as Moscow has amassed 94,000 troops on Ukraine borders. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged Russia to reverse the troop buildup and to return forces to normal peaceful positions, while Moscow has denied any intent to invade Ukraine & condemned Western backers of creating the so-called narrative to cover up their own ill aggressive designs to curtail Russia. Putin also issued a red line to NATO against expansion and deployment of weapons and troops near Russian which would trigger a befitting response as the Kremlin declared troop buildup on its Southern border as defensive due to its vulnerable position while neighboring nations sounding alarms which are beyond understanding.
A slightly more than two hour video meeting between USA President Biden and Russian President Putin has already been held on 7th December 2021. During the virtual meeting, Biden cleared it on the US side that if sovereignty of Ukraine is violated then Washington and its western allies will slap strong economic sanctions with other severe military repercussions against Moscow. Putin in response to these warnings demanded for reliable, legally binding measures and guarantees to limit NATO expansion. There was no breakthrough over the mounting crisis but both the sides assured to demonstrate restraint as well as continuation of communication was reiterated to lower global crisis.
Russian aide Yuri Ushakov while commenting on the US/ Russia Presidents meeting and possible sanctions on the Kremlin said, “Our president told Biden that you worry about something that we don’t understand, and we worry about what is clear for us.”
Ukraine is a buffer state between NATO western bloc and Russia. Moscow as an offensive resort amassed its troops on Ukraine borders to resist NATO de-facto expansion under the guise of delivering support to Kiev and inclusion of Ukraine in Western bloc.
There is the rejuvenation of the new kind of new cold war between the USA and Russia on the Ukraine issue. Indeed NATO de-facto expansion has pushed and challenged Russia to change its non-aligned military status as no state in world can compromise over its territorial integrity which is also a violation of United Nations charter of Sovereignty a mechanism devised in international law to manage and ensure international security which ironically violated none other than by super power states of the world.
Russia realizes its vulnerable position and after the separation of Baltic States from USSR, now it’s high time to curtail western (NATO) March towards its borders to defend its remaining territory.
USA and its western allies need to learn from its repetitive mistakes of dominating other regions with hegemonic or neo-imperialistic designs by employing insane military strategies of waging wars whose outcomes are always too devastating for the entire globe.
Most of the European states are dependent upon the gas due to the energy crisis in Europe, hence they import gas from Russia via Nord Stream across the Baltic Sea and they may be compelled to pay huge price in case of aggression against Russia.
Question which crosses the mind of even a layman today is why NATO is expanding towards Eastwards? NATO should stop its unjustified March towards Eastern borders to provoke Russia. USA and its western allies must curtail the mount over a possible escalation of hostilities in the region. The USA and western world must prioritize stability policy rather than expanding one for a harmonious and peaceful world. Russia, like other sovereign states, has got all the rights to deploy its military forces wherever, however, and whenever it wants within its own territory like any other country and no other state can dictate or deter Russia to withdraw its troops since they’re only in Russia and thus have nowhere to withdraw to.
As a matter of fact, the Biden-Putin summit has highlighted the Ukraine issue as top of the international agenda. No constructive or positive outcome has been yielded so far through these virtual meetings between two heads of states yet two nuclear superpowers of the world must bear the responsibility of maintaining peace across the world. USA and Russia both states must keep the diplomatic channel open either via dialogues, negotiations or mediation to subside the tensions through tangible solutions so as to curtail problems to flare up again in the future.
The growing military and economic clout of China which is a constant threat for the USA may get involved in the lingering crisis of Ukraine to checkmate the western world and it would become quite difficult for USA & European countries to handle and contain China. Both Nuclear Superpowers USA/ Russia must devise a strategy and conciliatory tone to diffuse the tension and get a clear demarcation of where NATO expansion ends. There is a challenge to find reasonable balance of power between competition and cooperation and to compartmentalize the ties to curb the global challenges like of Climate change, Covid-19 and terrorism and to discourage proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons to attain more stabilized and peaceful international globe.

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