Unity among our communities needed

Pakistan came into being on 14th august 1947, after a diligent struggle of many political leaders and scholars. Sir Syed Ahmed khan, Allama Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah were some of those leaders who also told purpose for creation of Pakistan. The actual purpose for the creation of Pakistan was to establish a separate state for Muslims of subcontinent. This is because rights of Muslims were always deemed by Hindus and Congress. However, the naked truth of Pakistan is that there is no unity among the communities of Pakistan, which means the true purpose for the creation is still not achieved. The main reason behind this curse is incompetency and greediness of politicians. Therefore, they had better to realize their responsibilities and figure out an applicable solution.
Pakistan is result of hard work and honesty of leaders and scholars. It came into existence on 14th of august 1947 but its hope of creation is much older. Some political leaders’ideological rationale played a Vitol role for this movement. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan has a huge role in the development of Muslims and in providing Muslims a proper purpose of life. As “Two-Nation Theory” is basis of separation of Hindus and Muslims, was given by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He created mutual understanding between Muslims and British as before Muslims were considered as rebels.
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was first who used the word “Nation” for Muslims and declared that Muslims are a separate nation with separate way of life. In 1893 he founded an association for the protection of basic, electoral and political rights of Muslims. So, these activities prove that how much Muslims were degraded in subcontinent therefore, it was mandatory to establish a new state for them.
Similarly, Allama Iqbal played a good role in the creation of Pakistan because he also realized need of a separate homeland for Muslims. In 1911 he wrote an essay “Islamic culture” in which he described the importance of Islam and declared that Islam is ideology for Muslims. In that essay he indirectly demanded an Islam based state. At Allahabad address in 1930 he said Muslims should establish a separate homeland.
In 1932 he again gave a framework and said it is our need to develop a separate state to complete our goals of Islam. It was Allama Iqbal who saw the dream of Pakistan. Therefore, according to Allama Iqbal the purpose for the creation of Pakistan was to complete the goals of Islam, practice Islamic ideology and to unite all Muslims of subcontinent.
Moreover, Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was founder of Pakistan started his real struggle from 1913 when he left Congress and joined Muslim League because he came to know that Congress don’t care about the rights of Muslims. In 1931 during second roundtable conference, he said that “neither Hindus nor congress will recognize rights of Muslims”. In 1944 while addressing Aligarh University he said that Islam came in subcontinent when very first Muslim admitted to Islam. At Islamia College in 1946 he also said we don’t only want a state but a laboratory where we could practice Islamic principles. So, all above statements of our founders describe that what the real purpose for the creation of Pakistan was.
Indeed, Muslims and Hindus are two different nations, both are different in all perspective as way of living, eating, worship etc., but the main reason behind the creation of Pakistan and separation of Muslims was to be unite Muslims, to spend life according to teachings of Islam and to protect basic rights of Muslims which was always suppressed by Hindus and Congress. This effort of creating Pakistan was to eliminate the discrimination from the roots, but the question is that whether Pakistan has achieved its actual purpose of creation?
Unfortunately, not Pakistan failed to achieve its Motto. Before the creation of Pakistan two different nations with different religions were fighting but after 1947 Muslims of Pakistan are fighting with each other which are more painful than before. The breakdown of eastern wing (Now Bangladesh) in 1971 was result of external policies and internal riots and disunity of Muslims. Quaid-i-Azam said Hindus will not recognize rights of Muslims yes that was true, but now Muslims are not caring about the rights of their brothers. As Sindh, Punjab, NWFP and Balochistan are four provinces of Pakistan but there is no equal rights and representation at official platforms. This is not principles and teachings of our religion to discriminate everyone must have proper rights.
However, if we see the causes for this disunity and improper management there are some figures which can be blamed but the main reason is political incompetency and greediness of power, which must be erased by fair democracy and honest democratic government. Muslims had better to unite in order to control future circumstances and to create a persuasive image in front of the world. As Quaid also said that Motto of Pakistan is Faith, Unity and Discipline.

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