UNO: A legalized tool for exploitation

The UNO was established upon the ashes of League of Nations on October 1945 to ensure the so called peace in the world through engaging the states in diplomatic process of carrying out dialogues for avoiding war. The allied powers which won the war became the five permanent members in Security Council and hence reserved the veto power for themselves. These veto powers are named as; USA, UK, France, Russia and China. The League of Nations failed due to its policy of giving equal status to all states, therefore, couldn’t succeed to invite the interest of bigger powers to remain in the organization peacefully. Powerful states started securing their interests by the formula of might is right and they reflected little respect for the League. Their attitude vividly unveiled their desire of seeking monopoly over others & not to endeavour for long lasting peace.
It seems that the bigger states had no intention of regularizing their actions by any law or norm. Within a short span of time, the Second World War paved the way forward for the establishment of an institution where the bigger powers could legally exploit the smaller states through a mechanized tool. The charter was designed as such to provide authority to five victorious allies of the Second World War in the form of veto power to manipulate the will of smaller states to yearn for peace through an international institution. Such treachery to deny the rest of the members of international community from seeking equal status reflects expressly the desire of these powerful states to hold smaller states as hostages.
Although, after the cold war was over, the USA emerged as the sole super power in the world and started influencing the decisions of UNO, but the rest of the four veto powers managed to protect their own interests. The UNO merely became a puppet at the hands of the USA and the four other veto powers in all her decisions. It became such an unfortunate reality that hardly any state in the world may have a doubt about the impotence of the UNO to ensure peace & security in the world. The irony of the fact is that the UN has made herself a laughing stock when it comes to fulfilling her obligations to maintain peace.
The preamble of the UN reads as, “We the peoples of The United Nations determined to save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind …” It further talks about the human rights, dignity and worth of human person etc. If we carefully analyse the so called journey of peace facilitated by the UNO, it may turn out that the rest of the world is under the subjugation of the powerful five. The UNO doesn’t in any way seem to facilitate peace rather the systemic exploitation of smaller countries.
The history of UN generally shows that it had failed to secure human rights & dignity of man in many instances like Cambodia violence, Somali Civil war, Rwandan Civil war, Srebrenica Massacre, Iraq Invasion, South Sudan, Rohingya Crisis, Syrian civil war, Yemen civil war etc. but the worst of all are the two current issues; Kashmir Issue and the Israeli occupation since 1947 & 1948 respectively till today. It is such a shame that since last 73 years, the UNO has proved nothing more than a rubber stamp to authorise all sorts of atrocities at the behest of powerful states.
The UN was clearly misused for legitimizing the illegal settlements of Jews into a statehood in 1948 by presenting the two state theory. What a pity that those who were seeking refuge in Palestine due to Hitler’s atrocities against Jews were to become the masters of the unfortunate Palestinians. It seems that it was a pre-planned program of the big powers to settle all the Zionists from Europe and across into Palestine and later use the Zionist state as a strategic partner in the region. The presence of a Zionist Israel meant the ultimate destablisation of Middle East and hence an opportunity for controlling the region which is rich in resources but poor in political vision & farsightedness. A drama was staged after the First World War and the Britishers criminally paved the way for a Zionist state after Balfour Declaration in 1917.
Since 1948, the Zionist state of Israel never stopped occupying the Palestinian land and killing thousands of innocent kids, men and women of all ages. The apartheid State of Israel is responsible for successive mass expulsions of 800,000 Arab Palestinians in 1948 and 400,00 in 1967. Due to the criminal inaction of the United Nations; the Zionist Israel found the courage to eliminate the 90% of Arab Palestinians from their own land. What a pity that the UNO is just a spectator with eyes wide open & watching the ethnic cleansing of the innocent Palestinians which is an open insult to its own charter by failing to ensure the human rights and the dignity and worth of human person.
Another case of the worst incompetence and ineligibility of the UN to claim to be the protectorate of peace is the failure to address the Kashmir issue in a more meaningful way. Despite the UN resolutions for a plebiscite in Kashmir; the Indian atrocities seem to find no limits at all. The open violations of human rights in the form of rapes, murder, torture & disappearances of Kashmiris have become a normal practice of day to day routine.
According to some reports more than 68,000 Kashmiris paid the price of their struggle for self-determination with their lives. World’s so called largest democracy brutally butchers the innocent Kashmiris to keep them under illegal subjugation. Ironically all this goes unnoticed before the United Nations and the so called champions of human rights sitting in that prestigious organization responsible for the world peace.
It becomes as clear as day light that the United Nations has nothing to do with peace of the world but seems much like a tool of the powerful to exploit the smaller states for achieving their own interests without any resistance. This decade exploitation in the name of peace has completely ruined the Middle East and has made South Asia a battle ground for decades and it seems unlikely to end in the near future. The billion dollar weapon industry of these powerful and mighty states who have made the UNO a puppet institution will always remain active to pull the strings for the purposeless wars to continue endlessly. The only chance for the UN to prove her muscle and be considered a hope for peace lies in her willingness to act. Now is the time that the international community and the powerful five should come forward to reflect their true faces as the guardians of peace and justice.

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