US-China cold war

This is a known fact that both China and US are not satisfied with their relationships but at the same time both sides are trying to manage them. The importance of maintaining good relations between US and China is well understood by both the countries. It was Donald Trump’s wrong policies against China that created rift between the two countries. It was hoped that after the US elections Joe Biden shall try to bridge the gap created by Donald Trump but unfortunately Joe Biden is carrying on with old policies. We all know Beijing was selected as host city of the 2022 Winter Olympics after beating Almatay by four votes on 31 July 2015 at the 128 session of IOC held in Kuala Lumpur. It is strange that US has announced diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympic games and expects other countries to follow. The excuse put forward by US is human rights violations by PRC in XinJiang which China has denied all these human rights allegations claiming that its system of “re-education” camps are there to combat separatism and Islamist militancy in the region. Unfortunately the leading human rights groups Amnesty and Human Rights Watch under influence of US have published reports accusing China of crimes against humanity to which China has rightly denied these allegations. The track record of US on human rights is very pathetic. Who can forget Arab Spring that was a series of pro democracy turned in to biggest tragedies in which human lives had no value.US attacking Libya, Iraq killing millions people without any justification. Who can forget extreme violations of human rights in Afghanistan. Talibans were arrested and collected in the container most of them died due to suffocation. Guantanamo bay prison is the worst example of human rights violation.
Just to trace the history of relationships between China and US let us look at the past.The relations between US and China has remained complex since 1949 after the defeat of Nationalist government of Chiang Kai Shek who alongwith soldiers flee to Taiwan at the hands of Mao Zedong.It was Jimmy Carter US president who gave China full diplomatic recognition acknowledging One China principle and severing ties with Taiwan. It was in April 1979 US approved Taiwan Relations Act allowing commercial and cultural relations between Taiwan and US but did not violate One China policy.
The Prime Minister the other day while addressing a meeting in Islamabad said that Pakistan should not be part of any block as he feels that world is moving again towards another Cold War. In fact Prime Minister in a way clarified the major reason for not attending the Summit for Democracy called by Joe Biden who extended invitation to more than 100 countries including Pakistan but it looks as if it is also linked with our close ties with China. China and Russia of course were not invited to the Summit. US also did not invite Singapore and Siri Lanka but invited Taiwan that is integral part of China simply reflects that Joe Biden is likely to follow the path of confrontation. Pakistan has declined to attend the summit not to give an impression that we are joining the US block. This decision is certainly a dangerous one and theoretically we are stuck again between the two great powers as happened in the past when PM Liaqat Ali Khan turned down the invitation of USSR to visit them and preferred to visit USA when the invitation of Russia was received much earlier than US, making it clear to the world that Pakistan is in US camp. It was basically anti communist alliance and Pakistan received massive military and economic aid. It was these weapons that saved Pakistan in 1965 war. Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan values its long standing relationships with United States as it was mutually beneficial and critical for regions peace security and prosperity. China continues to follow policy of peace cooperation without compromising on principles. Question arises why US should interfere with other countries and impose his invented democracy, it is clear cut interference in other sovereign states, what system they employ no country has right to dictate any other country. It is otherwise in direct conflict with the charter of the United Nations. Beijing begs to differ and is very much clear that democracy is not measured by elections but by addressing the concerns of its people not understood by many. American style democracy has decayed and has resulted in turmoils, death and destruction
After the two day summit for democracy attended by over 100 world leaders China very rightly branded US democracy as “weapon of mass destruction” US has used this democracy to interfere in other countries ,Beijing very rightly vowed to resolutely resist and oppose all kinds of pseudo democracies. Rise of China is an established phenomenon and it is imperative on US to provide the necessary economic and strategic space to China to complete its rise. Only in such an arrangement lies good news for the world else there are plenty of chances of unnecessary conflicts.

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