US, China, UK top destinations of exports from Pakistan: SBP

KARACHI: The United States of America (USA) remains the top export destination of the Pakistani products during first eight months of current financial year (2019-20), followed by China and United Kingdom (UK).
The total exports to the USA during July-February (2019-20) were recorded at US $ 2755.213 million against the exports of US $ 2687.053 million during July-February (2018-19), showing an increase of 2.53 percent during the period under review, according to State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).
This was followed by China, wherein Pakistan exported goods worth $1179.304 million against the exports of $1156.774 million last year, showing nominal increase of 1.94 percent.
The UK was the at third top export destination, where Pakistan exported products worth US $ 1141.808 million during the current financial year against the exports of US $ 1172.866 million during last fiscal year, showing decrease of 2.64 percent, SBP data revealed.
Among other countries, Pakistani exports to United Arab Emirates (UAE) stood at US $ 1100.851 million against $ 855.643 million during last year, showing increase of 28.65 percent while the exports to Germany were recorded at US $ 909.754 million against US $ 871.801 million last year, the data revealed.
During the first eight months, the exports to Afghanistan were recorded at US $ 728.315 million against US $ 777.153 million whereas the exports to Holland stood at US $ 687.618 million against US $ 626.855 million.
Pakistan’s exports to Spain were recorded at US $ 606.391 million against US $ 617.160 million last year where as the exports to Italy stood at US $ 524.612 million against US $ 508.363 million.
Similarly, the exports to Bangladesh during the current financial year were recorded at US $ 512.089 million against US $ 510.413 million while the exports to France stood at US$ 294.119 million against US $ 303.968 million.
Pakistan’s exports to Singapore were recorded at US $ 139.487 million during the current financial year compared to US $ 190.641 million last year whereas, the exports to Canada stood at US $ 188.811 million against US $195.322 million, to Saudi Arabia US $ 317.509 million against US $ 210.854 million whereas the exports to India stood at US $ 19.738 million during the financial year against US $ 273.857 million during last year. – TLTP

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