When US Secretary of State visits Pakistan

Mike Pompeo the US Secretary of State is visiting Pakistan on Sept 4 to discuss the Pak-US relations. Particularly the existing situation in Afghanistan and the role Pakistan in resolving the issue. The US has been blaming Pakistan in promoting terrorism in Afghanistan by supporting Haqqani Network. I think this is not the first time that US has blamed Pakistan for the current situation in war torn Afghanistan, the fact is that the Afghan Taliban have been fighting against the occupied forces i.e the US and Nato, they are determined to carry out the struggle to liberate their country and establish the Government as per the desire of Afghan people. The present Government headed by Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah do not enjoy the support of Afghan people, they are puppet of USA as claimed by the Afghan fighters. Its now almost seventeen years since the start of war between Afghan Taliban and the US and Nato forces but there seems no end to this bloody war, hundreds and thousands persons have lost their lives on both sides (US and Taliban) with no tangible end. However the majority of Afghan people are tired of this meaning less war, they earnestly want peace to take place so that they can live freely and rebuild their country from the ruins of war. Pakistan no doubt can play a positive role to bring the war to an end and has helped US to negotiate with the representatives of Afgan Taliban in Dhoa (Qatar), Muree (Pakistan) and even in Beijing, but the talk did not yield any result.
Now Afghan Taliban want direct talks with US to reach some agreement to bring an end to this war. So far US is not ready for the direct talks with Afghan Taliban, rather the US insists Afghan Taliban to join the Ashraf Ghani government, sort of Unity government but Taliban are not ready, they have already discarded the offer and insist for direct parleys with USA. It is in this back drop Mike Pompeo is visiting Pakistan to discuss the Afghan issue with the new Government of Imran Khan as also to remove the misunderstanding between the United States and Pakistan. However the trust deficit between USA and Pakistan is very deep and requires continuous engagements between the two countries, otherwise the situation in Afghanistan or in the region will remain unchanged. Pakistan is right to say that the solution of Afghanistan lies with USA, and not with Pakistan. Afghan Taliban who have been waging war against the occupied forces have no support from Pakistan. Haqqani Network is based in Afghanistan and not in Pakistan as alleged by the USA. Pakistan is more interested in peace to prevail in Afghanistan as the terrorists directly come Afghanistan to disrupt peace in Pakistan and kill innocent people, the US government is fully aware what I am writing about the terrorists network in Afghanistan supported by some regional powers. I think Mr Pompeo will try to understand the problem of Pakistan while fighting terrorists within its own boundries as well coming from Afghanistan. Pakistan has rendered huge sacrifice combating terrorism while at the same time trying to help USA to find a permanent solution of Afghan problem which is a primary source of instability in South Asia and elsewhere. Meanwhile Pakistan is an old friend of USA and do recognize the economic and military aid given by USA in early days of creation of Pakistan.

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