USA Focuses on Pakistan From Military or Political Angle, Says Ikram Sehgal

According to Ikram Sehgal, the USA focuses on Pakistan from a military or political perspective.

Nuzaira Azam

WASHINGTON DC: Ikram Sehgal, a defense analyst, and security expert said that the USA focuses on Pakistan from a military or political perspective, never from an economic viewpoint.

Sehgal was invited to talk on US-Pakistan relations and international relations as well by the Pakistani American Press Association and Politact, a Washington DC-based independent strategic advisory firm.

“One message to Americans is that we need economic assistance,” Sehgal said. “We are very grateful to China for all investment and aid to the China-Pakistan Corridor,” he added.

While talking about Afghanistan, Sehgal said that Pakistan has been working for Afghanistan in terms of supplying aid and other assistance to them. “The worst thing that happened to us was the AFPAK. The destitute country that could not sustain itself has been equated to us,” Sehgal added.

He praised Imran Khan for his policies in the last days of his premiership. “Nine thousand ex-servicemen working in my security company and their relatives who are presently in the defense services, all talk remarkably highly of Imran Khan,” Sehgal said.

During a Q&A session Sehgal denied the notion that he was an establishment man. He also expressed that the army chief’s tax returns and other financial statements should not be made public and/or on social media. He said that Pakistan exists because of the Pakistan army and the army exists because of the chief and loyal servicemembers, “God forbid if something happens to the Pakistan army, we will face grave devastation,” he said.

Answering another question regarding ban on his Security company he said that while his company was guarding Bani Gala it was banned alleging Sehgal’s contacts with a “hostile
country,” but after he met with Army Chief General (now retired) Qamar Javed Bajwa the ban was lifted.

Talking about Pakistan’s economic situation, he opined that the economy has worsened due to bad governance in the country.

He thanked the Press Minister Sarfraz Hussain, Arif Ansar CEO Politact, Pakistani-American journalists, and local leaders from Pakistani political parties for attending the session.

Earlier, Pakistani-American Press Association’s president Khurram Shahzad introduced Ikram Sehgal. General Secretary Yousuf Chaudhry welcomed and thanked the speaker and guests, who attended the gathering on short notice on a weekday. slot slot pulsa slot slot online