Use of social media and our responsibilities


Today’s article is not just a traditional one, but I am writing it as my religious & social responsibility.
Mankind is familiar with the epochs of science and their fruits. The role of science in making human life easier and more convenient from all angles is undeniable. The things that are used in everyday life, such as food, travel facilities. , Inventions in terms of national security & sovereignty, or shortening travel time across the globe over months in days and hours, or turning inland and city distances in hours and even minutes, even news related to mass media and broadcasting communication technology from telephones to cellular mobile phones; science’s innovative inventions have interconnected human life and brought peace to man, from door to door mobile phone. Where it has been a blessing from God to keep abreast of developments around the world, no less than that, the same social media has been used by negative minded individuals, groups and countries to achieve their nefarious goals, turning social media into a deadly weapon, religious hatred, sectarian strife, spreading contradictory material with malicious intent to spread political and linguistic resentments, creating instability by spreading false ideas and facts against the a country’s integrity; all this is happening through social media.
A very dangerous conspiracy to turn the country’s stability, social harmony and religious peace into bloodshed, riots and disorder is being hatched with the help of this social media.
The enemy wants the Muslims to fight among themselves and the scholars to be refuted so that the religious harmony will be weakened and the enemy’s sinister divisive tactics will be successful. Todays’ is the war of the media, and people are sleeping in a dream of negligence.
Please take the nails of consciousness, and understand the tricks of the enemy instead of being its tool. Our overall and individual integrity is inseparable from that of the country.
It is impossible to resolve the situation
The intellectuals are very confused how to arrest the situation? As the perception of a country separated on the basis of religion is NOT a licence to fundamentalists, theocrats & sectarianism to destroy the country. Had socialism taken roots in this poverty stricken country, all such divisive efforts would have been failed.