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Usman Kakar: Icon of the democracy

On June 21, Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP) will commemorate the second anniversary of the Shaheed Senator Muhammad Usman Khan Kakar at Ayyub Stadium Quetta. Kakar’s mysterious assassination on June 21, 2021, jolted the whole country and is having long-lasting impacts on the fragile democracy of Pakistan. He remained a member of the Senate of Pakistan from 2015 to 2021. His speeches in the Senate of Pakistan showcased him as one of the most rational voices and represented the sentiments of marginalized communities of the country.
Though he was a Pashtun nationalist, he practically adopted an inclusive approach that presented the oppressed ethnic groups in the Senate of Pakistan. Erstwhile Senator Muhammad Usman Kakar was not only a staunch pursuer of robust democracy but also a political leader with immense potential to shape the future political landscape of the country.
During his student years, Kakar was elected as the first Secretary of the Pakhtunkhwa Students Organization in 1987 and organized the students and youth with the commitment to produce such leadership who could positively play their role in strengthening democracy. He embarked on a path of political activism under the banner of the Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party, where he received guidance from well-known former senator Abdul Rahim Khan Mandokhel who was the Senior Deputy Chairman of Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party.
Inspired by the wisdom and intellect of Sain Kamal Khan Sherani, adopted the organizational structure of Abdul Razaq Dotani who was the Secretary-General Of the Pashtoonkhwa National Awami Party and of course indebted to the sacrifices and vision of Khan Shaheed Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai, Kakar displayed a strong commitment to promoting and strengthening democracy in Pakistan. His relentless efforts for democracy and fearless politics made him an icon of democracy.
In the Senate of Pakistan, the erstwhile senator advocated for the rights of the oppressed, the strengthening of democracy, and the unification of Pashtoon-divided land in a single federating unit with the name of Pakhtunkhwa.He accentuated that until the Pashtun of South Pakhtunkhwa have their own unified Pashtun province, it is important to ensure equal treatment for Pashtuns, similar to the status enjoyed by the Baloch community in all aspects of life in the province of Balochistan.
According to a BBC report, the funeral of Muhammad Usman Khan Kakar was attended by over 1.3 million people, which is believed to be the largest funeral for a political leader in South Asia. The remarkable participation of 1.3 million people at the funeral prayer manifests the genuine nature of his politics, based on strengthening the voices of the marginalized, regardless of their caste, creed, or ethnicity.
Shaheed Muhammad Usman Kakar, besides being a political leader, was a prominent social figure as well. He was the true exponent of love, affection, and integration in social life. His fraternal behaviour and positive attitude attracted people from all walks of life across different nations and sects. He always remained available for people and never disappointed anyone. It was his firm belief that politics is the name of honesty, sacrifice, and human service. He used to feel blissful and relaxed when he eased the hardships of the people. This was the reason that more than 1.3 million people across the country gathered at his funeral.
His legacy demonstrates that politics devoid of personal interests is the ultimate solution to address the political and economic challenges faced by the nation. He believed that politics should be based on sincerity and dedicated service to the underprivileged. To be honest, his legacy, by and large, stands in stark contrast to that of other politicians. He remained resolute in his opposition to non-democratic forces that sought to undermine constitutional authority and supremacy.
His significant historical contribution to various democratic movements, fighting against the interference of unconstitutional forces in the country’s political affairs, deserves the utmost respect. Kakar actively engaged as a student leader in Pakistan Progressive Students Alliance (PPSA) and as a political worker in the Movement for the Restoration of Democracy (MRD) in 1983 opposed Zia’s dictatorial regime, firmly stood for a consolidation of the constitution and supremacy of Parliament in Pakistan strongly opposed any attempt that could violate the constitution.
Throughout his speeches in the Senate spanning from 2015 to 2021, he consistently emphasized the importance of upholding the Constitution in both its literal interpretation and underlying principles. The non-democratic forces who viewed the Constitution as nothing more than a piece of paper were not in favour of his stance.
Bear in mind, his political struggle varied from other leaders, which encompassed door-to-door campaigns, emphasizing a strict disciplinary approach within the party and striving to transform it into a revolutionary party. He won laurels for his narrative because he prioritized the welfare of the people his last political endeavour involved uniting thousands of Baloch and Pashtun, creating a shared experience of grief and collective sorrow.
During his farewell address in the Senate of Pakistan, the brave Senator Usman Kakar courageously articulated to the members of the House about the death threats he had been receiving due to his persistent commitment to democracy. Despite being fully aware of the potential consequences, he made it clear that he would not back down from advocating for democracy and speaking out against any undemocratic interventions in political affairs maintaining and insisting that “My life doesn’t matter; what matters the most is my people, democracy and supremacy of parliament in this country”.
Arguably, the 18th amendment is a major milestone in the polity of Pakistan, and it is believed that through the 18th amendment, the provinces were empowered, and the role of undemocratic forces was eroded. But there had been debates over the roll backing of the 18th amendment. Against this backdrop, Senator Muhammad Usman Khan Kakar expressed concern about the potential rollback of the 18th Amendment and the implementation of a presidential system in the country. He emphasized that the federating units would pose the strongest resistance to these changes.
Pakistan has currently been witnessing a political and economic crisis and has strained relations with neighbouring countries. To conclude, the resolution of the current crisis in the country lies in implementing the legacy of Shaheed Muhammad Usman Kakar. The stronger the legacy of Shaheed Muhammad Kakar in the land of the pure, the more prosperous would be the destitute people.

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