Wake up call for entire leadership

It is disgusting painful and disturbing to see whenever one goes through daily newspapers that invariably carry news of killing of our brave soldiers deployed on various check posts in Baluchistan and across the international borders. Five soldiers of Pakistan army were martyred due to fire from inside Afghanistan in Khuram district. The TTP has claimed the responsibility. This has happened at a time when Afghan government has assured that Afghan soil will not be used against Pakistan. Our Prime Minister since 15 August 21 advocating case of Afghanistan and making appeals to world leaders for financial help, in response we are being rewarded with martyred of our soldiers by terrorists operating from inside Afghanistan. The Afghan government has denied that terrorists are not operating from inside but TTP has claimed the killing of soldiers. Pakistan from day one has been emphasising on the Afghan government to stop TTP from operating inside Afghanistan but it appears Afghan government has not taken it seriously. Pakistan had been holding talks with TTP but it did not yield any result. The interior minister in a statement said that the demands of TTP being unreasonable cannot be accepted and Pakistan has rightly said no to them. How can one negotiate with people who do not accept our constitution and violate writ of the state.
Question arises how long Pakistan can tolerate this situation. Attack on our check posts by terrorists with regular interval has to be checked and brought to halt; we cannot afford casualties on regular basis. State must never negotiate with terrorists by doing so we give an impression of being weak. It is so strange at a time when enemy is active on our borders our opposition parties making plans to invade Islamabad and bent upon to create law and order situation. PPP chairperson Bilawal Bhutto has announced long march to Islamabad on 27 February and Fazal-ur-Rahman president PDM has announced long March to Islamabad on 23 March. Government has asked Maulana to postpone this march due to National parade held each year in which special guests have been invited, but Maulana has refused to change his plan. This simply reflects they are bent upon to create law and order situation the state is fully prepared to take appropriate action. Something is cooking up that has certainly brought tremors in PTI camp but once again it looks PTI is falling under oppositions trap. Secondly coalition partners are once again out in the field to put pressure on government. But none of the coalition partner shall leave IK. PML Q shall continue being major beneficiary so is GDA, MQM has long history of making noise and expressing some reservations and threats but they shall never leave the government and keep meeting opposition to put pressure on IK. PTI under the existing environment should have no fear to complete the term but IK should take notice of internal dissent. It is very strange that PM has also announced bringing PTI workers on the roads to counter opposition. This is a wrong strategy. The major issue of people is high inflation, unemployment, shortage of gas, high cost of power and delay in justice. It would have been more appropriate for PM to concentrate on major issues instead following the line of opposition.
The situation on our western border is very alarming and temporary calm prevails on our eastern border. We must attach highest priority to internal law and order that is getting bad to worst on each passing day. Frequent bomb explosions taking life of innocent people can only be controlled by displaying unity, therefore PTI government must bring on board all the opposition parties so that there is no disagreement on national issues. The beginnings has to be made by the government, let us not waste time and get united on one platform to fight common enemies terrorists and their facilitators who are bent upon to disturb our peace. My appeal to the entire leadership is to get united and forget about petty differences and if we fail in forging unity amongst ourselves that would mean we are aiding our enemies who are bent upon to destabilise and one would agree with IK when he said that enemies wants to destroy Pakistan.

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