Wali urges govt to prop up local manufacturing


We can create 10,000 jobs if govt assists us. Support and utilize incredibly genius local brains, Wali Shah tells TFD

TFD Report

KARACHI: One of Pioneer of multimedia projection trend in Pakistan Wali Muhammad Shah has said that with the passage of time, innovation took place in the styles of education. Man got up from the ground and started sitting on the class desk. The big board on the wall took the place of the hand board. Now the multimedia projector replaced the big wall board.
As soon as innovation came in education, two systems of education were established in our country. One was the education system of the rich and the other was the education system of the poor, Wali told TFD
The students connected with the education system of the rich were equipped with innovation, they were provided with every modern machine and their needs were taken care of in every possible way – but the education system of the poor got worse and worse. Genius brains of poor are ruined due to unavailability of facilities.
Wali added Pakistan wants to advance its information technology industry and is making various plans for it – but we have always put basic issues and needs behind us and have been dependent on others to meet our basic needs.
Foreign merchants took full advantage of our weakness and sold us a ten rupee item for Rs.1000. The majority of the population cannot afford such expensive purchases that they have not been able to innovate their education system and the system has deteriorated.
A multimedia projector is a vital necessity for every education system in the world today but a large part of our country is deprived of this facility because they cannot afford it.
How good it will be that we could manufacture multimedia projectors in our own country and provide good quality in low price projectors to our nation and every classroom in Pakistan can avail benefit from this facility.
Wali tells that this dream can come true if the government supports us – we can manufacture multimedia projectors locally with our experience and government support – just as we built the oxygen machine when needed at the time of pandemic. We can also manufacture projectors and can create countless jobs in our beloved country.

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