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Wasi Shah inspires business leaders& UAE community to invest in Pakistan tourism

Farzana Mansoor

DUBAI (UAE): Pakistan’s dynamic Tourism Minister, Pakistan’s dynamic Tourism Minister, Syed Wasi Shah, recently embarked on a mission to harness the untapped potential of Pakistan’s captivating tourism industry during his visit to the UAE.
While initially attending an International Mushaira event, Minister Shah wisely seized the opportunity to engage with influential UAE business figures, investors, and prominent members of the Pakistani community. His primary aim was to encourage them to explore the potential investment opportunities in Pakistan’s thriving tourism sector.
Wasi Shah, renowned for his poetry, has effectively transitioned into his ministerial role, leveraging his personal visit to the UAE to connect with key stakeholders. He passionately underscored the untapped potential of Pakistan’s tourism sector and the unmatched natural beauty of its Northern Areas, which have already fascinated tourists from the United States and the European Union Pakistan’s majestic peaks, including the world-famous K2 and Himalayan mountains, continue to draw adventurous travellers.
Among the notable interactions, Minister Shah engaged in a substantive discussion with Mr. Houssam Mobied, an eminent entrepreneur and the CEO of the MTC Group of Companies. During this meeting, Minister Shah reiterated that Pakistan’s tourism sector represents a pristine investment opportunity, brimming with untapped potential.
At a subsequent exhibition held at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Minister Shah further highlighted the appeal of investing in Pakistan’s tourism industry, solidifying the case for potential investors.
Houssam Mobied, the Founder and CEO of Memory Technology Corporation (MTC), a distributor for globally renowned brands like SanDisk, Western Digital, Toshiba, KIOXIA, Huawei, and Samsung, expressed his deep appreciation for Minister Shah’s insights. Mr. Mobied emphasized the strategic advantage of investing in Pakistan due to its proximity to the UAE and the convenience of multiple daily flights connecting the two countries. Notably, MTC already has a presence in Pakistan and serves as the exclusive distributor for SanDisk and Western Digital in the country.
Expressing keen interest in exploring tourism opportunities in Gilgit Baltistan, Mr. Houssam Mobied affirmed his commitment to investigating potential investment prospects.
Minister Shah warmly extended an invitation to Houssam Mobied, inviting him to visit Pakistan with his associates and friends. He assured that the government stands ready to provide unwavering support to investors and protect the interests of both foreign and local investors.

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