We shared history, let’s share future

There was a nation colonized by Europeans. Europeans came there with apparent reason of trading spices but gradually they colonized that nation. The brave nation started Independence Movement in leadership of highly qualified and dedicated leader. The leader fought battles on intellectual grounds strategically by representing aspirations of his people. Having independent country is not only matter of survival for it its matter of prestige and they were committed to sacrifice lives and properties for sake of independent land. The struggle was against unjustified rule and dignified life as nation. Most salient strength of the nation was the spirit of youth. It got independence in month of August through an agreement with Europeans that many lives and large property.
Do you think it’s Pakistan, may be some of you thought it’s Indonesia? It’s both. While attending briefing about struggle and courage of independence movements of Indonesia and Pakistan one can find striking similarities Indonesia got intendance on 17th August, 1945 under the leadership of Achmad Soekarno. Whereas Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah led Independent Movement for Pakistan and it got her independence on 14th August, 1947. Both leaders were first political heads of their countries. Dutch and British can be replaced as rulers, so as cities of Lahore and Surabaya can be replaced as center of independent movements of these nations. Presently both are sharing the attribute of most populated Muslim countries. Although Indonesia has bigger population but it has not declared status of an Islamic country where as Pakistan has declared status of Islamic democratic country.
Besides this shared history and present both countries are undertaking efforts for shared future. There are 216 students from Indonesia in various Pakistani educational institutes including madrassa students. While about 40 students from Pakistan are studying in Indonesia. These figures are other than religious groups exchange annually for Tableegh (Preaching). Many business persons from Pakistan are promoting Pakistani food, culture and handicrafts in Indonesia. Pakistani cuisine, dressing pattern and Urdu language is much appreciated in Indonesia. Pakistanis making Indonesian culture and life style of politeness a carry home learning. There are Indonesian’s in Pakistan who are doing their business and appreciating Pakistanis spirit of cooperation.
Here we need to realize that both are struggling countries and dealing same kind of challenges. The interference by religious bodies in political administration and state affairs are comparatively decreased than past. Nevertheless it is still a challenge that needs to be dealt, for political stability. For example, although both countries carried out legislation against “Child Marriage” yet the complete implementation is still a challenge because of religious views.
In spite of improving economies by taking remarkable steps of executing mega projects by government, a coordinated effort is required in in both countries to improve human development index. Both countries still need to deal with lower per capital income and poor health issues. Both governments are focusing much in developing some districts while there are districts that are neglected. A good step taken by Indonesian government by keeping special amount in budget 2020 for rural development could be replicated by Pakistan.
Both countries can collaborate in the field of information technology. There is room of collaboration in field of exports as there are few daily usage commodities that are produced in bulk with low cost in one of the each country. Cooperation in field of tourism can proved to be successful as both countries have amazing natural land scape.
A planned cooperation at government to government and people to people level will mutually benefit these countries. Both countries have same challenges that need to be addressed. But then again fortunately both countries have excelled in many fields where collaboration will be fruitful. It is time for us to exchange our expertise and learnings to have privileged shared future.

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