Well done, MD Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board

Undoubtedly in early years throughout Pakistan the educational system left behind by British was adopted and books during those days contained straight correct facts that included elementary books. These books were free from any type of bias and had no touch of sectarism, or religious controversaries. There used to be just one book of 3 pages “Namaz Ki Kitab” The other books included in the syllabus contained short history of various countries , Islamic history, description on national heroes, and description of Pakistan, apart from this we had english, Persian, geography books. This was the time when throughout Pakistan early in the morning students used to line up and in chorus sang ” LUB PAY AATI HAY DUA BUN KAY TAMANA MAERI” it used to be very fascinating.
The books never contained any objectionable material, there were God fearing writers who could not be influenced and bribed. They wanted the children to learn and educate themselves about surroundings laying emphasis on their own country. Students were asked to narrate life of hero’s who laid their lives during creation of Pakistan. There used to be dinyat book containing short sura that students were supposed to learn by heart that we normally recite while offering prayers.Gradually with the passage of time a group emerged who started preaching enemy agenda and managed to occupy high places thus influencing their opinions and started making in roads everywhere including in educational institutions. They had no problems in East Pakistan as most of the teachers were hindus. In West Pakistan situation was totally different and much better as we had most learned educated and dedicated teachers who imparted the best education to children. Government schools were the best schools even otherwise there was no concept of private schools. Schools of villages had exemplary discipline amongst students. Gradually as the country progressed scores of private schools emerged everywhere. There was no concept of NOC or affiliation with education boards as they were nonexistent. As the time passed private schools, colleges and universities emerged like mushroom and soon they captured the market where they paid and got the degrees. Lately we have seen biggest bogus degrees scandal that shook the world. Some of these groups are very powerful and therefore were successful in polluting the syllabus, obliterating the history of Pakistan without any fear of accountability, who can deny the fact education had always otherwise remained low priority in Pakistan.It was alleged that former CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif allowed publication of a new matric level urdu text book ,which allegedly undermined the ideological foundations of Pakistan, however after protests this book was withdrawn.
It was in July 2020 a news flashed that Punjab Curriculam Text Board(PCTB) has banned 100 text books found to be against the two nation theory. It was disclosed that these books were being taught in renowned private educational institutions. Nobody bothered and such books continued to be part of syllabus. It was very bold step on the part of MD PCTB who after complaints and scrutiny of books found that the books contained highly objectionable material, he collected the books and out of 10000 books initially banned 100 books, surprisingly some of the books have been published by Oxford , Cambridge, Link International Pakistan, Paragon Books and 31 other publishers big names. Government of the Punjab instead appreciating this noble task by MD transferred him to some other place exactly in the same manner when DG Food Aisha Mumtaz when started raiding hotels and bakeries in Punjab and sealed shops due to unhygienic conditions she was immediately transferred and afterwards what happened to her is part of history.But those who are determined honest loyal to their homeland continue their journey without any fear. In a recent interview he spoke in depth and felt sorry on the affairs of education how young minds were being destroyed systematically by feeding wrong information through text books. If one hears the details of his interview which is based on documentary evidence in the shape of text books ‘APNA SUR PEET LAI’. By now Minister of Education of Punjab and Federal Education minister should have resigned. The CM punjab should have ordered withdrawal of all such text books from nursery to matric level from throughout Punjab, confiscated, burnt to ashes with arrest of all those involved in writing such text books , giving its approval and allowing it as official text books to be taught to our children and should have awarded gold medal to MD. Some of the books had printed incorrect date of birth of founder of Pakistan and national poet Allama Iqbal,while some other contained ” blasphemous material against some religious personalities and wrong maps of Pakistan, wrong quranic verses, wrong translation of holy verses. Some dirty stories that can not be repeated in this article. It cannot be termed as mistake. It is deliberate and under a well designed agenda needs thorough investigation. Banning books is very mild punishment. The entire chain should have been jailed, how someone even dare to discuss two nation theory the basis of creation of Pakistan and teach to teen age children wrong history.
The justice demands that no one can be condemned without being heard. In this case MD PCTB Rai Manzoour Hussain who picked up the courage and started to clean the dirt mentioned in the text books, as an immediate reward he was transferred so that remaining books remain without scrutiny. In fact PM who is trying to convert Pakistan into Madina state should have called MD and got briefing from him and taken appropriate action against all those for introducing such books for the children that are full of mistakes wrong description of Pakistan history,and filthy stories.
We must protect our traditions, customs , values and above all history.
Schools, colleges and universities are not just concrete structures, they are the places where our future generations are taught and their thoughts and mindsets molded. We must remain concerned on what is being taught there and the books that are part of any curriculum must pass through strict scrutiny before being approved and admitted for teaching.There is immediate need of reviewing all text books throughout Pakistan before it gets too late

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