What is more dangerous: Coronavirus or mediavirus?

Nowadays, it has become much easier to spread hatred. People are doing this very well with the help of social media. Assume that spreading hatred has become one of their permanent jobs. Some news channels have already forgotten the actual duty of news channels. It seems like they are running anti-bullying shops. They do not even understand among whom they are spreading that hate; they are spreading hate among those with whom we were used to studying together, played together in our childhood, celebrated every festival together.
Do not spread hatred so much that when we are meeting next time, we will have to behave as if we do not know each other and turning down our eyes as if we are strangers. If anyone is a hand behind spreading this hate, then that is no other than Indian Godi media because the way they have started journalism that is much more flattering than journalism.
When the whole world suffers from the horrors of the Corona pandemic, on the other hand, people are covered in a more dangerous pandemic that is the Godi media pandemic. This is the Godi media which has achieved all the expertise to make truths into false and false into truths. Because, nowadays, we can clearly see how the anchors of the Godi media have been spreading hatred and poisons in society in the name of religion. And yes, it would completely be wrong to say that every news channels are doing the same, which is very unfair because there are many news channels, newspapers, online portals, journalists and independent journalists who are still doing their duty honestly. They are spreading the message of love, unity and humanity to the society.
Now let’s talk about the kind of people who have sacrificed their conscience and intellect to this barbaric media, who do not even realize for a second that this media is doing and getting the poisons in their brains.
Nowadays it is often heard that during this horrendous crisis, everyone is working selflessly for the betterment of society. Still, the only exception is that in the case of Godi media, they are the torchbearers of the hatred, and on the other hand common people are distributing love, rations, money relief and whatever they are capable of serving the truly needy.
In near future whenever we will rethink about these difficult times, we will be first reminded of the achievements of our nation’s great personalities who are constantly treating, protecting and working by sacrificing their lives for the needy. Yes, I am talking about doctors, police personnel, cleaning workers, essential commodities suppliers and all of them whosoever are fighting against this COVID-19. Our words will seem rather small in praising the sacrifice they are doing. Nowadays, we come across so many pictures and posts on social media where we can see how much devotedly they are working in the public interest for the benefit of society.
When we all are spending our times with family members, they are the ones who neither get the opportunity to spend time with their family member not even share meals. And even if they get time from their duty, they return to their homes. They have food outside only because this coronavirus is a serious pandemic that does not attack based on relatives, religion, race or poor-rich. This virus attacks us only when we commit mistakes and when we do not understand its gravity.
Godi media virus is more dangerous than the coronavirus because coronavirus will definitely be wiped out someday, but will the deadly virus wipe out from our society that the Godi media spreading in the society? A big YES is there. This is absolutely possible, and it will definitely be wiped out someday only if you and I together stop watching their hatred propaganda on channels. Recently, there have been a lot of news reports coming in that some of the fake/lie news got its reality.
The most surprising part, however, is that the intellectuals of our country, have turned this pandemic into a religion. No matter what was the mindset behind saying this. But I am sure you all know this and I do not need to say this as you are all very much aware of this. If we want to give the credit for all these, then all credits must go to this Godi media who are continuously working in spreading hates in the society wearing suit, coats, boots and tie. The punishment should be given to the concerned culprits, but it is also important to thoroughly verify the wrongdoers before being punished them.
We cannot fully trust the dock media because it has also been seen that some of the news channels are apologizing for lying, and some news anchors have been accused of defamation charge. Everything will be crystal clear. Because we can run with a lie, but we cannot hide from the truth. It will definitely catch us someday.
I have an appeal for the government, hope this appeal is also from those who believe in love, humanity, peace and goodwill that kindly deal with rigidly against the media which promotes such fake news, spreading poisons in the society. We must not hold off our eyes from this activity of media because they are effortlessly trying to destroy our society’s ancient rituals. We, as Indians, are always proud of our brotherhood. We were together, we are together, and we will stay together forever.
I would humbly like to request to those who are playing the dirty game; for god’s sake stop spreading the hates among us, let us stay happier the way we used to. Don’t forget you are just a handful and us who are faithful to peace, love, humanity, harmony and happiness. We are making all possible efforts not to let our brothers and sisters go into your hatred propaganda. Whenever you try to make your effort to spread hatred, we will be there as walls to defeat your propaganda. In the same way we, Indians, are fighting each other against the COVID-19, we will continue to fight against these barbaric media and will defeat them with our love and affection.

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