What’s my future?

Words of a kid – I left home with you, my heart indubitably believed that we will revisit our home and unite back with our family. Alas, the picture was something different. I perceived rounds of fire, but I was impuissant to comprehend the situation. While walking hand in hand with my grandpa, suddenly a bullet of pain hit him hard and he fell on the ground and I was in a state of the bombshell because something happened out of the blue. I know you may be thinking that I am a kid, it will not affect me much but ‘WALAHI’, it’s going to affect me badly with a paroxysm of pain that can tear you apart.
I know being a kid, I don’t have any idea about life and death, but I can tell you that it’s a blueprint in my mind that will remain immortal, giving me horripilation, panic attacks, twinge and melancholy in the coming future. I am sure that my grandpa will ask me what I did wrong. Every ‘Tom Dick and Harry’ has started a chinwag about my grandpa. When I will grow up whom I am gonna ask for justice, can anybody answer me?
Why separation affects? Before diving deep into the dimensions of the topic, let me first make it clear that this column is apolitical, and my intention is just to use this international platform to address the global leaders sleeping in their king-size bedrooms, not giving heed to human atrocities.
As narrated by the son of the deceased, the old man (contractor by profession) was 65 years old and he had gone to Sopore for some work and was accompanying his grandson. The family of the departed claimed that he was brought down from the vehicle and killed on 1 July but contrary to this Sopore police denied these allegations. We don’t know what will gonna happen to this case but the 3 years old grandson is going to suffer faultily in the coming future. I think the readers can comprehend very well about my above mentioned unfolding on this case especially a grand focus on the bereaved kid.
Grandparents have a hyper attachment with their grandsons and granddaughters, and it’s the anecdote of every home where grandparents had to fight to see their grandchildren and not only grandparents the grandkids choose to spend time with them. For grandparents, relationships with grandchildren provide a connection with a much younger generation and exposure to different ideas, which might otherwise be limited.
For grandkids, grandparents can offer life wisdom that they can put into practice as they navigate young adulthood. Grandparents have a wealth of experience they’ll often tell stories about their lives and how things worked when they were young, and once kids become adults, they’re able to maximize those lessons. In fact, because of this heart throbbing episode, I remember my grandparents how they used to talk about their life and historical perspectives, so I can say they are the best storytellers by which they offer their grandchildren a first-hand historical perspective that enriches their lives and understanding of the past.
Certain evidenced research studies have proved links between strong grandparent-grandchild bonds and adjustment and pro-social behaviour among kids. For instance, it has been reported that close grandparent-grandchild relationships were associated with benefits including fewer emotional and behavioural problems and fewer difficulties with peers. These relationships also helped to reduce the adverse impacts of experiences such as parent breakups and being bullied. It’s reported that grandparents’ potential to be an important resource in their children’s lives, especially if the family is undergoing a change, such as a divorce or a remarriage, or if the child is undergoing a painful or challenging experience.
Sometimes children feel that it is easier to open up to their grandparents and share their difficulties and dilemmas with them. Acknowledging these facts, the question again emanates about a 3 years old kid who just got separated from his lovely grandfather who could have been a role model for shaping his career. Being a professional I just want to inform the public, regarding the effect of a traumatic separation.
Talking firstly, about the animal kingdom, a surfeit of researches has been conducted that has proved the effect of traumatic separation in animals like dogs and cats who get separated from their caretakers, even there are some anecdotal reports of grieving pets displaying suicidal behaviour after the death of their owners. Here we can understand from this exemplar, about the heart wrenching and psychosomatic effects of traumatic separation in humans. So I request everyone to think before it’s too late.
Lastly, I just want to accentuate the so-called global, national, and state leaders/politicians who call themselves heroes of the nation/country. Just for the sake of temporary throne, don’t kill and make us suffer, remember everyone has his day and some days last longer than others. Nobody is going to live forever, so think by the book. We the common people request you to kindly, address human suffering, poverty, innocent killings, statehood, equal rights, racial discrimination, dictatorship, women’s equal right, the safety of our mothers and sisters, and health.
“We only have this one world and one life! Let’s preserve it together, so we can live in it. We only live once.”

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