When technology surpasses humanity

Technological advancement, over the last few decades has taken huge strides, but alas! Not always for good. Modern-day man has learned to fly like birds, to be fast like robots, to be efficient like machines but regrettably has forgotten how to live like a man. Scientific advancements in the fields of communication, computers, artificial intelligence (AI), technological welfare and cybernetics has made man into a slave of technology. Growing dependence on technology has imbeddedin him callousness, inactivity, insensitivity and has effectively taken away “humanness” of human beings. In subsequent paragraphs objective analysis of facts shall be conducted to prove the veracity of this claim.
Over the past few decades, many experts have suggested that future of humankind is ‘Robotic’. With the rise of ‘Artificial intelligence’ on the technological arena, this claim does no more look like too idealistic. Artificial intelligence refers to machines which are technologically so advanced that they can carry out functions of human brain. They can make decisions based on the information already fed. They can compare and contrast. They can make calculated assumptions and can even predict future on the basis of information provided. Application of artificial intelligence has already penetrated our lives.Face recognition device which once appeared to be just a science fiction is very much a reality now. Global positioning system (GPS) technology is another household name which is a miracle of technological advancement in realm of ‘Intelligent machines’.
Technological advancement in the field of communication has revolutionized the way in which human interact with each other. One can interact with other person living continents away literally in a fraction of second. But this too comes at a price, our online presence has taken toll of our real-life interactions. One seldom finds time for family, friends and relatives. People tend to give more importance to superficiality of cyber space over the actual life. One hardly has time for critical thinking and deep introspection in this era of information bombardment. Exposure to too much information leads to short span of attention. On social media, over exposure to crimes against humanity, war pictures, bomb blast graphic images have desensitized us. It does not shake anyone anymore, and is largely taken as a normal and routine thing.
Technology has superseded humanity in economic domain too. Technologically advanced in Telligent and more efficient machines are taking the place of human beings in the industries. The replacement of manpower by the machines further aggravated the already appalling situation of unemployment. For example, Philips electric laser plant in America has virtually replaced most of the manpower by intelligent machines on the pretext that machines are more efficient, they can work for long hours, they do not get tired and they don’t ask for increase in remuneration. This trend-if goes unchecked-will turn the wheel of unemployment and unemployment has well established links with criminal activities and a more dangerous counterpart, extremism.
Technology can be made acquiescent to humanity. A happy marriage between both could be sought out through deliberation. The first principle to be followed in this regard is conscious effort to keep technology subservient to human beings. For instance, navigation is a technological tool in vehicles to suggest a way, but it still needs a driver, a human being to make higher level intelligent decisions like what should be the speed, when to apply break and where to stop, all based on environmental factors. This high-level thinking function and decision making should remain a prerogative of the human being.
In conclusion, it could be safely reiterated that technological advancement is not ‘all-good’ as held by popular belief. It has taken its toll over human existence in social, moral and strategic domains. With every passing day. Advancement in technology is bringing new challenges for humanity. It has exceeded humanity in intelligence, it has superseded human beings in efficiency and it has surpassed the master in durability. But with effective checks and balances of morality, it can remain in human’s best creation and could carry on with its functions of serving humanity.

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