Who could be the saviour?

The pandemic has turned out to be the incarnation of agony for the whole world.
None of us is risk-less in the wake of the very wrack-full flu bug. If any of the fellows reckons himself to be tranquillised,he is sure to have been maddened by constant jeopardy of what we call Covid 19. I don’t intend to make you dispense your days and nights pondering the celluloid we have been into for the past millions of seconds. A second happens to be the smallest unit that estimates time. The reason why I couldn’t help clinging to the very unit was none other than the gravity of the time being spent under the yoke of the prevailing desolation.God knows how scared we are, and how horrifying every single tick of the clock is, that tends to weave a web of monstrous nightmares around the time-frame amounting to dehumanisation with its cloak of uncertainties. How many times have we attempted to think why we have been into such disastrous epidemic. Is this a biological warfare as claimed by some of the entities and suspected by others? Is it a curse brought about by the one who managed to create us with a solemnly compassionate love soaked in pitiful passions? Is it a chain reaction arising out of any of the scientific advancements? Is it a mystery? What is it, can be, could be, may be or might be?The answer is surely and sheerly simple-it is what it is! nothing else! It’s of least concern whether it is masculine or feminine; Muslim or pagan; Virtuous or licentious blah blah blah. The question is how to encounter it in terms of counter attacks. This is how the wise react. But its too early to overreact as we have just entered this reference-frame. It may take months to say it adieu. So? What remains the dire need of time? Not only the need does exist rather it requires certain milestones so as to transform itself into a touchtone. What we need to carve in the shrine of our mind is the belief that this widely spread namesake of plague is sure to affect us adversely, but at the same time it aims at giving us certain lessons which have already been enlightened by the supreme being. This is what the curse is among us for which is far more pivotal to grab through senses. But unluckily Alexithymia seems to have invaded the slate as well as state of mind. The specific iota of times can make or mar our life, therefore we have to eat a humble pie rather than delving into the stampede of conclusions, assumptions or superstitions. Being contagious as well as virulent, the disease is destined to appear like thunderclap, spread like wildfire ending up in certain unbearable disastor. When it comes to remedy, medical science seems to have been deaf and dumb. Had there been a vaccine or cure , we would have had to kneel down before science. But it’s the other way around. Science itself is helpless, defenceless and powerless . Whom should we refer to now? Indeed, the one whose oneness holds everyone through thick and thin of life-the Lord of the Elevated throne, Allah. No-one but the omnipotent Allah is mighty enough to shift us from the tormenting morass of restlessness to the oasis of serenity. What’s God’s imposition in return? How can the one who loves us seventy times better than a mother’s love prefer inflicting terrible pains on us! He just helps us become orthodox Muslims. He summons us every now and then as he wants our propinquity. What are we waiting for? God loves his man’s repentance, loves more being approached and even loves the most having been trusted upon. This is the only way out. And here we go-Having been into the lap of God’s mercy, we can overpower the very overpowering Novel Corona virus,a staunch enemy.

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