Who is responsible for intensified face-off of Imran khan against Pak army


Imran Khan and his party PTI practically initiated its anti-Army and anti-state campaign back in October 2021 with the appointment of new DG ISI Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum. EX-Premier Imran Khan left no stone unturned in fueling rift within Pakistan Army with his undue and unnecessary intervention in the internal, sacred and high professional matters of Pakistan Army. Imran Khan rigidly refused to endorse the posting of Nadeem Anjum as ISI chief. Imran Khan created a deadlock in the appointment of the succession of the appointment of new Chief of Premier intelligence agency by putting deliberate hindrances with delaying tactics of three weeks to resolve “self-created controversy and issue” out of his enormous ego & internal apprehensions as he during his entire tenure didn’t deliver anything and shown zero performance and only focused his energies on victimizing his political opponents via fabricated NAB cases. The country’s economy was brought to the brink of complete devastation due the incapable and incompetent rule and policies of Imran Khan and there was nothing to present in the name of his performance except of chaos, turmoil and political circus in the country despite enjoying full support by all the institutes of the country including Pakistan Army, Higher courts, media etc. The Military establishment was already facing undue wrath of criticism over the failed running of affairs of the country by Imran Khan PTI government. On the one hand, during Imran Khan’s tenure economy had completely been collapsed while on the other hand externally Pakistan had become isolated on international front where all major countries of the world were annoyed of Pakistan including KSA, China and USA and geo strategically the country was left alone with more restrictions to remain in FATF grey list. Pakistan ties with the international world were at historic low in the regime of Imran Khan.
The bitterness in Imran Khan’s statements started pouring in with the announcement of the name of new boss of ISI and he practically tried to create division in the ranks of armed forces. Imran Khan also damaged the credibility and reputation of Ex-DG ISI General Faiz Hameed by making him controversial through explicitly and publicly giving the impression as if he want to keep Gen Faiz in helm of affairs and in powerful position as his government’s valuable ally to support all misdeeds and incompetency of his government. His ties with military establishment were strained due to his rigid and irresponsible sort of attitude and meaningful statements against the high command of Pakistan Army. He made many attempts to replace Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa and expressed his concealed mal intentions through his reckless statements in almost every event before public and media by citing and distorting Islamic history examples in exaggerated style that Hazrat Umar R.S removed Khalid Bin Waleed R.S, one of his best “General” from his position though he had never lost any battle. In a veiled manner Imran Khan verbally attacked COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa on innumerable occasions as his ego never allowed him to be accountable & liable before Army Chief or any other institute on the question of him and his cabinet “nil performance” during his reign as Prime Minister of Pakistan. Khan had been facing public discontent due to his mismanagement on all the fronts especially on economic side and thus lost the support of Pakistan’s military establishment. Military establishment along with common man had gone sick & fed up listening his repeated cassette of calling his political rivals “chor, chor and corrupt” instead of presenting , focusing and discussing his own significant progress, performance and government concrete efforts to overcome the macro and micro economic challenges which were created in the country out of his incapability and incompetence. Pakistan experienced and saw its misfortune of history’s highest inflation record undermining the economy with huge depreciation of the value of Pakistani Rupee against US dollar with GDP contracting to negative 0.2% during Khan’s tenure.
COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa during entire smear campaign against Army and simmering rebellion against him showed maximum restraint and proved that “Pakistan Army is apolitical institute and always stood by the state institutes to guard them.”
When opposition alliance PDM moved no confidence motion against PM Imran Khan he tried his level best to drag military establishment by pursuing a policy of pressurizing them through high pitched speeches, threats and blackmailing to get them involved into the matter to rescue his government but defence forces were determined to remain apolitical or neutral in any political activity. The tactics of malicious anti army and anti-army chief campaign was also waged by PTI social media workers who were dubbed as “social media warriors” by Imran Khan.
Mr. Khan took a jibe at Army Chief in his public rally in lower Dir district before the no trust motion against him in parliament and said that Allah did not allow us to be neutral as “only animals are neutral not humans”. Imran Khan practically and openly broke out war against Army Chief and Army through such disgusting statements that “since animals can’t distinguish between good and bad thus janwars or animals can be neutral only.” Time and again defiant Mr. Khan then kept hitting back at Pakistan Army and its Chief and created a sort of political chaos and turmoil in the country. DG ISPR, Major General Babar Iftikhar held press conferences and gave a loud message that “army has nothing to do with domestic politics,” making it clear that it is no longer propping up Imran Khan and it is “neutral” and apolitical institute. Military establishment had warned all the politicians and political parties including Imran Khan not to drag them into politics. Imran Khan defied all the instructions of Pak Army and gave a blunt message that he will be more dangerous if he takes to street after ousting from the government.
The democratic yet unceremonious ouster of Imran on 9th of April made him quite furious and he began praising India for its foreign policy and hinted at a conspiracy of USA to dislodged his government in order to save his political career through piles of lies, exaggerated, aggressive and false narrative as he has/had been fighting for his political survival in the country as he has nothing to present in the name of his government performance during four years of his regime.
National Security Committee NSC found no credible evidences of any USA plot to seek regime change in Pakistan. Pakistani security agencies did not find any “credible evidence” to confirm Prime Minister Imran Khan’s assertion of a foreign conspiracy to oust him from power through a no-confidence vote in parliament.
Imran Khan himself proved himself a liar as he firmly refused to raise anti-American slogans and asked his followers during public gathering to refrain themselves raising any slogans against America. Imran Khan’s party PTI government in KPK not only accepted donation of 36 buses by USA ambassador Donald Blome but PTI KPK Chief Minister Mahmood Khan also made US envoy visit to “sensitive areas” of Torkhampart of KPK through helicopter. Though PTI and its chairman Imran Khan accused US Assistant Secretary for state Donald Lu for sacking his government in Pakistan.
Mr. Khan also made video call to US envoy Donald Blome secretly once he went to see Chief Minister Punjab Chaudry Pervaiz Elahi . Imran Khan requested US Ambassador to play his role in improving his ties with US President Joe Biden.
Imran Khan also has hired US lobbying and PR firm Fenton/Arlock LLC for six monthsat a cost of $ 25, 000 per month to manage its media and public relations in United States. It is pertinent to mention here that US lobbying and PR firm Fenton/Arlock LLC is anti-nuke for Pakistan.
It is ironic to see Imran Khan whipping up Pakistan Army and its Chief and his party PTI so much fond of Army bashing as a fashion that Imran Khan Chief of the Staff Mr.Shehbaz Gill tried to incite a rebellion within the army and expressed disregard for those who lost their lives in the helicopter crash in Baluchistan. The foreign funding case verdict by ECP has proved that Imran Khan Party PTIknowingly and willing received prohibited funding from Israel, India, USA, UAE etc.violating constitutional law of the country and submitted false affidavit.The verdict of foreign funding case further infuriated Imran Khan and his party and they further intensified their anti-army campaign to divert masses attention from Toosha Khanaand foreign funding case thus their despicable and toxic campaign against state institutes picked the momentum.
Imran Khan Chief of the Staff Shehbaz Gill on ARY channel attempted to incite Army Officers for mutiny and asked them to defy chain of command by not following the orders of the top command and incited revolt within armed forces. The regretful and hateful sedition caused anguish among the patriotic Pakistanis who were shocked to learn that for the lust of power PTI and Imran Khan may stoop too low and could also bring the security of the country at stake.Earlier, PTI also ran disgusting social media campaign on the tragic Pakistan helicopter crash which left six military personals martyred. The PTI social media trolls made humiliating, regretful and derogatory remarks against the Pak Army martyrs. The propaganda caused immense pain to martyrs family and even ISPR condemned it.
Mr. Khan instead of distancing itself from Shehbaz Gill objectionablestatement insisted for the forgiveness of his chief of the staff and as usual held government alliance PDM responsible for creating rift between him and Pakistan Army.
Anti-military tirade of Imran Khan and his party PTI cannot turn Pakistanis turn against its armed forces as they are fighting for the integrity of our frontiers. Imran Khan and his party has become security threat for Pakistan as he is responsible for spreading chaos in the country after getting deprived of the power. Imran Khan heinous anti army campaign is a conspiracy to spark the fire, violence, division and anarchy in the country to destabilize the divine institute. Losing power doesn’t allow any political entity to attack the federation and institutes and wage a war against the unity and integrity of the country. Time has arrived to foil the nefarious designs of Imran Khan to damage hard earned peace in the country and to create chaos and division among the masses against Pakistan Army.
Indian retired Major Gaurav Arya has also lauded Imran Khan and described him as India’s “best friend” for not only consistently praising India’s foreign policybut also openly abusing his own Pakistan Army on streets and on social media. Major Gaurav Arya has claimed that Imran Khan has done what Indian agencies could not have afforded to do in seven decades. Imran Khan has achieved it that is he has pitted the Pakistanis against the Pak Army without India spending even a penny on it.

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