Who is to blame when the world laughs at us

I feel no hesitation in congratulating FIA team which at the outset while appearing in the court of presiding Judge Special Court (Central1) Lahore said that the agency wanted to arrest Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz in Rs 16 billion money laundering case. This simply reflects the agency is showing its teeth and deserves credit as such things are very rare to happen at least in Pakistan. Actually it was blunder on the part of players be it internal or external or combined grossly overlooked one very important aspect of morality while bringing no confidence motion against Imran. Pakistan is the only Islamic country having nuclear capability with one of the best armed forces in the world at least deserved better treatment. The opposition having moved no confidence motion and knowing well it shall succeed should have spent some time to choose PM with clean record. The world got surprised but the nation was disappointed so the overseas Pakistanis living in rest of the world, therefore it is being continuously criticised. Besides, this as reported in the press 26 members of the cabinet including prime minister and cabinet ministers as well CM Punjab are involved in various cases including money laundering and are all are on bail. It would have been more appropriate to pick up those who were not facing any trial and were clean they were also readily available. This wrong decision on the part of those forces that brought regime change has resulted in tarnishing image of Pakistan internationally and is being widely criticised in Pakistan. As it was not enough our Prime Minister made another big mistake in his recent official visit to Turkey when he included his son Salman and his wife and made them part of delegation, knowing full well that Salman is also involved in money laundering and declared fugitive by courts in Pakistan it was certainly in bad taste. Blame has to be shared equally by Ministry of foreign Affairs that failed to persuade PM not to include his son in official dinner hosted by Turkish President. The PM could have met him in his hotel; rather than taking him along during banquet and make him sit with Turkish President was too much. This has certainly brought bad name to the country and was against diplomatic decorum. This simply reflects that as rulers they take it for granted they are above law and can do anything. It is always desire of all heads of political parties to become Chief Executive of the country for that they work hard and those who succeed earn great honour. What else is needed by any leader in his life. There is no doubt PM Shahbaz Sharif has really worked very hard and has done good work as Chief Minister of Punjab for three terms being experienced in day today protocol should have avoided this adventure. After FIA request to Central -1 Judge to arrest Shahbaz and Hamza it would have been more appropriate for both of them to resign and wait for the decision of the court. By doing this gesture they would have certainly earned more respect not in Pakistan but abroad also. We are intentionally making fun of Pakistan and world is laughing on us. As a senior citizen I would never like that anybody should talk ill about our Prime Minister whosoever he may be when it comes to respect of our President and Prime Minister we must get united. Chairman PTI is well advised to accept dialogue offer and let elections be one of the point of agenda too. Country economically is in real trouble, government should be facilitated by all to ensure IMF package is released to Pakistan. We are confronted with national crisis, therefore let us shelve our differences and avoid strikes, dharnas and long march, get united for the sake of country, is hoped sanity shall prevail