Who killed Arshad Sharif

Who Assassinated Arshad Sharif?

The tragedy of this nation is after some unfortunate incident we straight away jump to conclusions and start passing judgements. The worst part is judgement passed in haste is converted in to a narrative not based on facts but presumptions and speculations. The nation is grieved over the assassination of Arshad Sharif renowned anchor who was shot dead in Kenya by the Kenyan police. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and pray Allah SWT to give patience to family to bear this tragic loss. This tragic incident provided golden opportunity to our media houses and analysts to interpret the incident suiting to their own convenience and float different stories without knowing the details started blame game. It was painful and disgusting some section blamed Sharif’s and fingers were pointed out against Chairman PTI. But what surprised the nation when a section blamed state institution, that’s why DG ISPR had to address press conference and suggested not to jump to conclusion without knowing the facts and wait for the outcome of inquiry commission report that has just started the investigation. This tragedy has taken place in Kenya and the only source of information is statement of Kenya police. Notwithstanding the statement of Kenyan police is correct or wrong it has to be taken as such till such time proper investigation is not carried out by Pakistani officials and final report is submitted to government. In such cases evidence plays vital role, in this case our team shall be in disadvantages position due to incidence taking place in other country.
As reported Arshad Sharif has been killed by Kenyan police According to their statement it was a “Mistaken Identity” as they had put road blocks to check stolen vehicle carrying kidnapped child, since this vehicle in which Arshad Sharif was sitting it is alleged that driver did not stop the vehicle as such police opened fire and one of the bullets hit his head that resulted in his instantaneous death. On the face of it does not look like case of mistaken identity but in all probabilities it looks as if shot has been fired from close range for simple reason he has been hit in the head. A commission has been set up that has flown to Kenya to extract the facts with the help of Kenyan police who shot our brave Arshad Sharif. This is not case in isolation many journalists in the past have been killed and wounded in Pakistan, each time commission was set up but reports were never made public. When we cannot find culprits in our own country how on earth we can find the killer outside Pakistan. In this particular case it is important to find answers of following questions that may help in determining facts that ultimately resulted in his shooting. First question that comes to mind why did he leave Pakistan? Who forced him to leave Pakistan? Who received him at the Dubai Airport? Where did he stay and for how many days he stayed in Dubai? Which places he visited? Who was with him? Who advised him to leave Pakistan? From which airport he flew to UAE? Who provided him ticket and money? How many cases were instituted against him in Pakistan? Who advised him to go to Kenya? Who received him at the Kenya airport? (CCTV Footage)Where did he stay? Who was his host? Who all were accompanying him? How many people were with him in the car? Who advised him to go to a particular farm house? What was the motive to go to that area? Why driver has not been questioned? Why he was spared? Was he party to this plan? Where is lap top of Arshad Sharif? Where is his mobile phone? With whom he was in contact in Pakistan? Many more questions need to be answered by Kenyan police.
Government Pakistan has set up commission comprising FIA, IB and ISI, however later on ISI member was dropped on the request of establishment because a section had expressed reservations about including member from establishment. It was wise decision to avoid unnecessary controversy. It is so unfortunate that each time something goes wrong a section starts throwing everything in establishment basket. Why this is happening? Why every time it is repeated? The basic reason is that establishment in the past involved itself in politics and has accepted it. Now with the passage of time a perception has been developed to put blame on establishment due to continuous nonstop propaganda against them and every time if something serious happens an effort is made to malign the establishment. Old soldiers who have given their life and sacrifices are greatly perturbed over this development and want an end to this dirty campaign. Lately two cases surfaced one was torture to Shahbaz Gill and later on to Azam Swati.
So sad and heartbreaking comments in most of the twitter and WhatsApp groups.
We never thought that we would live to see this day after proudly serving our home land. Azam Swati last evening was in great anger and made direct insinuation and threats to expose those responsible for such acts of torture against him. He has now exposed names and this should be investigated. It is time new Chief is announced by the government without any delay to end speculations.
Let country take a new start, all reports of commission set up earlier on murders of leaders and journalists be made public. The commission report on Arshad Sharif be released as soon as it is submitted to government. Finally let everybody wait for the report and stop our judgements. We have no other option, it otherwise looks difficult to find real facts and culprits because incident took place outside Pakistan.
Lastly let us see who is the beneficiary of this Chaos and instability, it is our No 1 enemy India covertly backed by Anti-Islamic forum worldwide because they know Pakistan is a citadel of Islam and a potent nuclear power which stands stoutly in their nefarious designs and intrigues. They are also well aware they cannot defeat them in battle field therefore they have resorted to 5th generation warfare to weaken Pakistan from within.
The main issue of Pakistan is political stability and improving upon the mistakes on economy. Let sanity prevail on both sides to take Pakistan out of uncertainties.