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Why are Chinese officials and workers being targeted?

In the war against terrorism, Pakistan has made countless sacrifices. More than 90,000 people have laid down their lives, and alongside human losses, our economic and infrastructure has suffered severe damage, reducing investment opportunities. America has sidelined Pakistan in the so-called war against international terrorism, pushing it to the forefront. Pakistan was completely overlooked in all these matters at a time when the doors of international investment were completely closed to Pakistan.
In this situation, Pakistan, a trustworthy and great neighbor, faced another challenge when China, a significant ally, stepped forward amid difficult times. Despite the world’s reluctance towards Pakistan, China’s development with the announcement of the massive $46 billion CPEC project astonished the world. The project, which started with $46 billion, has now reached $62 billion, including revolutionary projects like roads, dams, and pipelines. China’s investment has astonished the world. Recently, both Pakistan and China celebrated the completion of ten years of this project with joy. This celebration took place in both Beijing and Islamabad. However, despite China’s investment since 2013, efforts have always been made to harm this investment, and Chinese workers have often been targeted in Pakistan. In 2021, there was an attack on a bus carrying Chinese engineers near the Dasu project. Thirteen people, including nine Chinese citizens, were killed in this attack, which was linked to the TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan).Another major attack of similar nature occurred on March 29, 2024, at the Dasu site, resulting in the loss of six lives, including one Pakistani and five Chinese nationals. Now the question arises: who are the people unhappy with the progress of Pakistan and China? Those expressing their dissatisfaction through these attacks are those who, as I mentioned at the beginning of this column, had mapped out Pakistan’s economic condition when America was preoccupied with the war in Afghanistan. Due to failure and unsuccessful foreign policies of US, this region went through inappropriate circumstances and countless issues. China showed Pakistan the way to enlightenment and helped it move forward. In July 2023, China’s Vice Premier visited Pakistan to celebrate ten years achievements of CPEC the success of the 10-year CPEC was celebrated. During these 10 years, Pakistan underwent significant changes, strengthening its economic framework and moving forward. Besides, there was significant improvement in the connectivity system, particularly in infrastructure development, energy projects, and notably, the establishment of Special Economic Zones within Pakistan which fostered peace in the region, boosting Pakistan’s potential and growth. Gwadar, which was once a small town, saw remarkable development. And the success of the 10-year CPEC was celebrated. Gwadar become an internationally renowned economic and commercial hub. A magnificent network of roads has been constructed, including the completion of the 1809-kilometer National Highway and ongoing work on a 1700-kilometer road. Special Economic Zones have been established, exemplified by Rashakai Economic Zone and Allama Iqbal Industrial Park Zone. Gwadar’s development is evident, with projects like Gwadar Master City Plan 2019 and numerous constructions underway, including the Gwadar Cricket Stadium, Pak-China Friendship School, and capacity building for vocational training institutes. Local powerhouses are being built, along with laboratories under vocational training institutes. In addition, due to significant new investments, there has been substantial progress in the renovation of schools, establishment and development of health centers, and the construction of an international airport. These investments have significantly transformed the lifestyle within Baluchistan, particularly in previously neglected areas where electricity was a rare sight in those times. However, now the electricity shortage in those areas has been completely addressed through energy projects. In such circumstances, when the rest of the world cuts ties with us, if someone still stands by us, we should remember this benefactor, and despite all obstacles and enemy conspiracies, ensuring the protection of their lives and property should be our top priority. This permanent friendship now transcends governments and in the hearts of the people. It is a relationship not seen anywhere else in international politics, rooted deeply between the people of Pakistan and China, who are connected by their hearts and are always ready to stand by each other. Therefore, we must collectively condemn all cowardly actions and urge our governments to establish a comprehensive mechanism to ensure the protection of lives and projects of our Chinese brothers and sisters who are contributing to the development and progress of Pakistan. Let us thwart the designs of enemies and uphold the enduring friendship between Pakistan and China.
Long live the friendship between Pakistan and China

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